Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Last Appointment at the Pre-Natal Clinic

Today we had our last appointment at the pre-natal clinic. This is it...from now on we will either go to the Fetal Assessment Unit or Labour and Delivery at the hospital for any and all apointments. I wish I had some exciting news or any news on today's appointment but unfortunately there is none! First I'll begin with the usual and typical info. Urine, weight, blood pressure and all that jazz is great! No issues at all and right where they should be! Baby's heart beat was 144 BPM today!
Then Dr.Wood went to check me and low and behold-no progress at all! hahaha!!! Same as last week. To be perfectly honest I wasn't overly surprised with that news. I'll admit I was a little disappointed since I had this vision of John and I waking up in our room Christmas morning with the bassinette by our bed with a snuggly little baby in it (or having been up all night Christmas eve with a new baby crying and crying and crying-either way I had a lovely little day dream of that happening). And this does not look like it will happen. Best case scenario I'll be in the hospital for Christmas which in all honesty I don't even think that will happen!!!
Labour is like a switch the doctor keeps reminding me so it could happen at any point and come on fast. I know this but yet still I feel like we'll be celebrating "Baby's First Christmas" in 2011 and NOT in 2010!!! But...who knows!!!
I didn't think I'd be in this huge rush to have the baby. I LOVE being pregnant and have felt really good the entire pregnancy. Don't get me wrong I knew I'd be excited to meet baby but I thought I'd just be more relaxed about the wait. Not really so. I don't know what it is...maybe the holidays?! The thought of wanting baby W home with us on Christmas?! The start of Mat leave with no baby leaves me bored - there is only so much you can do when your THIS pregnant afterall...especially in the winter!! My house can only get so clean, I can only bake so much and I can only go for so many walks/trips to the store/visits/etc. Maybe it is the anxiety about labour and delivery and now I have finally got the courage and nerves to just 'rip it off like a band-aid' and I feel prepared-or as prepared as a first time mom can be. But I think a lot of it has to do with the excitement of it all. I love seeing how incredibly excited my hubby is and how I have never seen him so in the holiday spirit or as excited about anything - EVER! I love hearing the excitement in our families as they call looking for any updates (they always sound so hopeful-haha). I also get butterflies when I think about it myself. That any time now I will be a real live mom, a mother that has a snuggly, cuddly sweet and perfect little baby! A son or a daughter!! I think about that moment when I hear "It's a ___" and I think about laying eyes on him/her for the first time! I cannot help but be consumed with emotion when I think of these things...consumed with incredible excitement!!! I am ready for this baby to arrive and not because I am sick of being pregnant, not because I feel GIGANTIC, not even because I want him/her for the holidays for that perfect Christmas but because I am soooo ready to be a mom!!! I feel like I have waited for this all my life. I feel like I am finally getting to have all my wishes and dreams come true! It's sooo close!! WE are ready to begin this new, exciting chapter as a family of three...well John and I are totally ready but I guess baby wants to hang out for a little while longer, life is just too cozy in there ;)

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Sheena said...

Beautiful, this post made me a tad emotional!
Your going to be a wonderful mom. It's worth the wait, trust me. Please keep me posted, I check daily (ok, a few times daily lol) for updates!