Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Babies, Babies Everywhere =)

Wow!! This past weekend we got some good news from family members - TWICE!!!
Saturday night, John's cousin (James) and his wife called us to share their wonderful news...they are expecting their first child this July! They are due July 5th!! John and James grew up living close to each other and spent a lot of time together. James was even a groomsmen in our wedding! They are only 9 months apart in age so it's pretty cool that our kids will be only 6 months apart! How fun is that?!
Then on Sunday night my Step-brother Darcy and my new sister in law Sarah called to tell us they had some exciting news! They are also expecting and due July 2nd! WOW! More awesome news! Babies babies everywhere! How busy will family dinners at Dad & Ivy's house be with 2 kids/cousins only 6 months apart?! HAHA! So much fun!!! We are thrilled for them and excited to have a new niece or nephew!!!

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