Saturday, January 1, 2011

Forrest - 1 Week Old

Our sweet little boy is already a week old! Where does the time go?! While parts of this week feel like they flew by, at other times it feels long. We are loving life as a family of three...yes even the sleepless nights! We have a lot of laughs as we fumbled through the first week parenting learning as we went. Today is New Year's Day and it's also John's birthday!! Normally I make him his favorite meal, have a little cake and we either do something special or stay in. Today he made his own meal, ate leftover Christmas cookies instead of cake and changed diapers...but I did get him a present he was itching to have for years now (score one for mommy). All the same, he said it was a perfect birthday. We had our son to share the day.
New Year's Eve we spent in the most perfect way possible. The three of us curled up in our bed, Forrest was nursing as we watched the BT Halifax Countdown and fireworks on TV. At the stroke of midnight, John leaned over to give me a New Year's kiss and we both acknowledged how lucky we felt. 2010 has been sooooo incredible, I can't wait for 2011 as we watch this little milk monster grow!
At one week Forrest is nursing like a champ (knock on wood), he is back up past his birth weight at 7lbs 1.5oz. The lactation consultant at the Mother Baby clinic today said he is doing very well! He is going through a bit of a growth spurt to which he has been cluster feeding. The past 2 nights he's had us up every hour (a few times every 45 minutes) to feed! While yes it's tiring, it was nice to see his weight back up above his birth weight today. Forrest loves the car and falls asleep instantly. He does not like the bath at all...not yet anyway! He sleeps way better when he is skin to skin with mommy or daddy and loves lying on our chest! The past week has definitely not been easy but its been so beyond amazing.
I am very lucky to have such a supportive partner too. John has been so great with him and every time I look at the two of them together my heart just swells!! It literally makes me swoon!! John has been great to get the meals, do the laundry, get the meals and do any necessary housework. I am lucky to have him home for 10 days and when he goes back to work on Wednesday I may just cry! I wish the three of us could stay home in our cozy house forever-haha! Luckily, my mom will be coming to help! is a 1 week picture of our handsome little man!! I'll post more of a birth story later as I am just too busy to write a big post right now!! I'm off to snuggle this cute little boy!!
Forrest - 1 Week (Baby's First New Year 2011)


sugarmouse said...

awww, what a cute babyboy (: (: and your husband's birthday is jan 1st - HOW AWESOME!

happy new year to you and your family (and happy belated birthday to john!)

Heather Lee said...

Oh Ainslie....:) This blog makes my heart smile SOO much!! I could not be happier for you all!!! Happy New Year. People say this all the time, but I could not say it more heart felt, Forrest is SUCH a lucky little boy to have such wonderful parents! But I am sure you feel like you are the lucky ones...which is just a given..;)

Amy Jackson said...

Yay an update! I've been watching for one. I'm glad things are going well. It's so cliche but everything DOES get easier. Just do what you can now and let everything else go. Well, except eating. That's important. :o) Cry when you feel like it. Laugh whenever you can and write down your birth story before you forget too many details. Miss our email chats and wish I could be there to help you!! Have fun with that beautiful baby boy!

Sarah :) said...

I am smiling from ear to ear. I am so happy for you! He is just absolute perfection. I hope I get to snuggle him around his 1st birthday next year. Fingers crossed!!

Anonymous said...

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