Saturday, January 8, 2011

Forrest - 2 Weeks

Our little milk monster is 2 weeks old today. I feel like he is already growing so fast! He is doing so well. He is still nursing really well. He eats a lot! haha! But...EBF (Exclusively Breast Feeding) has been going well...although I will admit it's a lot harder in the beginning than I imagined it to be. I still enjoy it though and wouldn't have it any other way!! He is thriving too so that makes Mommy VERY happy!! We went for his one week check up (a few days late due to the weekend and the New Year's Holiday). Dr. H was very pleased and said that he had seen 3 newborns that day that were all born around Christmas and he said Forrest had gained the most weight of all of them!! YAY! As of Tuesday January 4th he was 7lbs and 6.5 oz.
My mom (Nannie Shaw) is here visiting and helping me. I cannot put into words how awesome it is to have her here. Her help has been AMAZING! I never want her to leave - hmmmm, maybe I'll chain her up! haha!  
Today we had our first outing. We went grocery shopping - Daddy, Nannie Shaw, Mommy & Forrest! I have to admit I was terrified! lol I didn't want any strangers to touch him (germy hands) and I also didn't want to have to feed him at the superstore since their bathrooms are disgusting and my car is too cold! We did very well though. He slept the whole time and no stranger dared touch our little man! It was very successful!
After grocery shopping John had to run into BRU to take back our car seat(we JUST found out it was not compatible with our stroller and luckily BRU let us exchange it for the Graco SnugRide 35 which is compatible with the Bob stroller). John and my mom went into the mall to do this errand while Forrest and I hung out at home! And Nannie came back with some presents for Forrest (this boy is already SPOILED). So we had our 2 week photo op with him in a new outfit from Nannie!!

Forrest - 2 Weeks


Sarah :) said...

He is so handsome, and he deserves to be spoiled. :)

Amy Jackson said...

Ains, it's UNCANNY how much he looks like John!!