Monday, January 31, 2011

I Dream Of Summer

This winter is so far pretty rotten! Lots of snow and freezing cold temperatures. I`m not much for winter anyway (I like it up until New Year`s and then the novelty of it wears off). On one hand I am glad I am on maternity leave during this awful`s great to wake up and not have to go anywhere. Turn on the electric fireplace (it`s more for atmosphere but does heat the living room up and make it very cozy) and sip coffee until Baby Boy wakes up and then we snuggle while the rest of the world is out in the cold and working. It is also perfect because as a first time mom, I`m not really in the phase of going out every day or taking Forrest to different places yet (especially since he is still so young and I don`t want germy people around him-lol, hey it IS cold and flu season after all and if you are sick-get the heck away from my boy). By the time the spring and summer roll around he will be just the right age for us to be out and about enjoying ourselves in the beautiful weather! I cannot wait! We go for walks now but I have to bundle him up so much and he hates that with a passion. Taking him out in the car, I also have to put hats and mits on him and put blankets around him and he also hates this! So by the time we are out on a daily basis he will be the perfect age and it will be one fun summer! Hubby also is taking 2 weeks off this summer so we can do what we like to call...`The Travelling Baby Show`. We`ll go to Cape Breton, Halifax and New Ross to show off Forrest to all the friends and family. We can`t wait for that!! We`ll also probably have Forrest`s Baptism then as well. I kind of want to have his Baptism at the same Church we got married at but we`ll see! We haven`t even started to think of planning this yet.
John and I have already been talking and dreaming up our Spring and Summer plans! I am not wishing away Forrest`s life by wishing away winter but I am looking forward to the warm weather and greenery that follows these dreadful cold and snowy months. When it`s -25 celcius out there we can`t even go for a walk.

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