Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Visit From Papa

Last Tuesday my Dad called and asked if we had any plans for the rest of the week. He was missing Forrest and wanted to come up for a few days to visit and get in some snuggle time with Forrest. Of course we were very happy to have him come for a visit and so on Wednesday he arrived. He had not seen Forrest since we were in the hospital after he was born. We all really enjoyed my Dad's visit. Forrest especially loved seeing his Papa and slept almost the whole time-haha! Well not the whole time but I have not seen Forrest sleep like that since we were in the Hospital. My Dad would rock him or just hold him and Forrest would be sawing logs before too long. We now jokingly call my Dad the Baby Whisperer! During Dad's visit we hung out, he cooked some yummy food (my absolute favorite would be his famous chicken curry) and we took Forrest for a walk on Friday. We had a pretty decent snow storm on Thursday so we just stayed inside and relaxed. Ot was a great visit and Forrest is already looking forward to seeing Papa again!!!

Papa rocking his boy

Forrest and Papa-hanging out

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