Friday, January 21, 2011

Visits from Nannie Shaw & Nanny Walker

Nannie loves to cuddle her little angel

Nanny rocking & snuggling her little man!
Well, Nanny Walker went home to Nova Scotia yesterday. John, Forrest and I will really miss her!! We had a really nice time with her during her visit. Forrest enjoyed all the cuddles and snuggles and I enjoyed the company and the help!! Now that Nannie S and Nanny W have gone, it's just Forrest and I during the days while Daddy is at work!! We had a nice day yesterday with lots of snuggles. I also got some smiles out of my little prince and while they very well may be gas pains, I am convinced it was an actual smile! I even got some house work done. I put Forrest in his vibrating chair, turned on the Bob Marley Rock-A-Bye Baby CD and got the dishes done, a load of laundry and supper started! I impressed myself-not bad for our first day just the 2 of us. Today I am going to try to take a nap while Forrest is sleeping! other news, on Wednesday I went to a breastfeeding class the Mother-Baby Clinic at the hospital offers. This Mother-Baby Clinic is freaking AWESOME! I am sooo lucky the Saint John Hospital has this clinic because they are incredibly helpful with everything. They are an amazing resource. I've used them several times now just to ensure I have a proper latch and have had some breastfeeding questions as well. You can call and ask questions and also make appointments to see them. There are 3 lactation consultants there 7 days a week (minus stat holidays) and they are sooooo helpful! The mother baby clinic also offers 4 classes throughout the year after the birth of your child. They call an invite all post partum patients and the classes are not only a wealth of knowledge and information but also a fantastic way to meet new mothers with babies Forrest's age. Wednesday was the first of 4 classes. The main topic was "pumping" although they covered many other topics around breastfeeding as well! The class lasted just over 2 hours and Forrest was one of the best babies there. While all the other babies were screaming their heads off, he quietly slept on his mommy's chest only stirring once to cry a little but once I nursed him he was content and back to just laying there (not asleep) but quiet and alert. At the end of the class we could get our babies weighed. Again, while all the other babies hated getting stripped down to their birthday suits to be put on the scale, Forrest simply laid on the table while I was undressing him and starred at the other babies on each side of him. He was so cute. To the right of him was a baby boy who was absolutely hating being naked and crying and screaming...Forrest gave him this hilarious look and then decided he was no longer interested and turned to look at baby of the left. Baby on the left took more of his interest and was just as quiet as Forrest. I was so nervous taking him to an outing/appointment for the first time by myself and so I was over the moon with relief when it went so smoothly. Now I know not all days or outings will be this easy but I do appreciate the fact that the first one went off without a hitch! Thank goodness! ::sigh of relief::
When it was Forrest's turn to get weighed I was really excited! Just a week and a half earlier on Sunday January 9th we took him to the mother baby clinic and he was 7lbs and 13oz so I was guessing he'd be 8 something! John had jumped on the scale with him at home and he had guessed around 8 as well. To my surprise, our little milk monster is now 9lbs 1oz!! I am so glad he is thriving and doing so well. He was 6lbs 7oz when we took him home from the hospital less than 4 weeks ago. Already, some of his clothes are getting too small for him! ::sniff, sniff:: They grow so fast!! =(
After my class I was meeting Janet at the mall! When I got there, I could see her in the window sitting and having a coffee with John! It was nice he got off a little early to join us and I was really excited to report his weight since John gets so excited to see him gaining and doing well. Both Janet & John were a little surprised to see how much he had gained!! But then we all agreed it was no real shocker with the way this little man likes to eat! haha! He truly deserves the name...Milk Monster! I need to get a picture of the face he gets when he is's hilarious! In fact...the photographer that did his newborn photos captured a "I'm hungry" picture perfectly. I cannot get it right now but maybe someday I'll be able to post a copy of this picture to the blog! I'm looking into getting the CD of the pictures!
Well...I hear him stirring so I should go!! Oh...stay tuned for a blog make over! Now that our little man is here I feel this blog needs a little face lift!

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