Thursday, February 10, 2011

4 Generations

This past weekend we had more family visitors that were excited to meet the newest addition of the family. Nanny and Grand-dad Walker brought up Forrest's Great-Grandfather and Great-Aunt to be introduced to our little man. We had a really nice visit with both Bampy (what we call John's grandfather) and Nancy!! They of course loved Forrest and got in lots of snuggles with him! Saturday was the calm before the storm  and we had gorgeous weather. Janet, Nancy, Forrest and I went for a drive into Saint John and then when we got back we all went for a walk after lunch while Bampy napped. Forrest enjoyed the walk-as did I since I am now anxious to get the baby weight off (but that`s a whole other post). Unfortunately mother nature threw a dent in our visit and they had to leave a day early due to the nasty snowy weather we got but it was a very nice visit and we're so glad they came!!
We got in lots of great family photos and here are a few of our shots...

3 Cool Dudes (John, Rick and Forrest)

4 Generations...

Great Aunt Nancy, Bampy, Forrest & Nanny

Mommy, Forrest and Daddy

Bampy got big smiles from Forrest

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Sarah :) said...

What great pictures of the family. I love the "4 generations" pic and the one of Forrest smiling at his Bampy.

You haven't had a break from the visitors, though, have you?? lol