Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mommy's First Outting Sans Baby

This evening I did something very difficult. Something I wasn't sure I could do. I went out for a few hours by myself. I know I know-you may think I'm crazy for making such a big deal out of this but I'm not going to was hard!! My friends here in Saint John had invited me out a few times since Forrest was born. Since I had just had him and still recovering I always had to pass. Well they invited me to dinner this evening and I decided maybe I would go. Now that I am pumping (I wanted to wait until he was 4 weeks to give him a bottle) and I have a bit of supply built up in the freezer I thought that maybe I should get out with my mommy friends. However, as soon as I said yes I regretted it. John encouraged me over and over again saying it would be good for me to get out for a few hours and enjoy the company of some girlfriends and he also was looking forward to some one on one time with his son! So I went (although changed my mind about a dozen times). I would not have been ready to leave him with anyone other than his Daddy at this point. John is an awesome dad so I wasn't worried about anything going wrong or anything, I just knew I would really miss my little man.
So before I left I got in a lot of snuggle time, I nursed him and then I reluctantly headed out the door. My friend Sharon picked me up and away I went. We went to Montana's and I did have a nice time out. It was fun to laugh and talk about girl stuff and of course swap a few mommy stories! 
John and Forrest enjoyed their night as well. Since it was superbowl Sunday they got all ready in their jammies and watched the big game. John had a beer and some chicken wings while Forrest had his bottle (of milk not beer-haha). Forrest even wore his new Football Jammies that his great aunt and great-grandfather bought him. They were a little big (although not much) but as soon as I realized they were football jammies and it was superbowl Sunday I just had to put them on him!! How fitting eh?! It was pretty cute!! I called my boys from the restaurant (I ducked into the bathroom so the girls wouldn't think I was crazy-hahaha) and they were doing just fine. As soon as I got home I didn't waste any time cuddling my boy. He is now sound asleep and I am about to do the same!!
Here are some pictures of the Father-Son Football bonding night my 2 boys had!

Daddy & Forrest watching the Superbowl

Forrest in his Superbowl attire =)

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Amy Jackson said...

He's ADORABLE! Yay for mommy dates! They get easier, I promise. :o) How does Forrest like the bottle?