Thursday, February 3, 2011

5 Hours & 15 Minutes

Check out the title of this post-That's right folks...for the first time ever our little milk monster slept a solid 5 hours and 15 minutes! This is HUGE! Before last night the most we ever got was a shaky 4 hours and even that was very rare!! After finally reading the Baby Whisperer book that I had had for a while but never bothered to crack open, I decided yesterday to test out a method I had read. At 8pm after changing, feeding and cuddling Forrest I swaddled him tightly and laid him in his bassinet and then dimmed the lights and left the room. Within minutes he was sound asleep! John and I went downstairs to watch some tv (bringing the monitor of course) and then at 11pm we headed back upstairs expecting to be getting up within minutes for another diaper change and feeding. Forrest was still sound asleep and so we followed suit. John at one point contemplated waking him up but I quickly put the kybosh to that crazy notion!! At 1:15am our little man woke up. We were both SHOCKED. He slept for 5 hours and 15 minutes. We changed, fed and cuddled him and then re-swaddled and laid him back down. It wasn't as quick as the previous time but it didn't take too long before he was sawwing logs again! Then at 5:30am he was up again- we repeated and this time I thought for sure he would be up for the rest of the day. Much to my surprise he went to sleep again and rather quickly. He wasn't up for the day until 8:30-9ish. What a freaking amazing night!! The secret was the swaddle! Well at least it seemed to be-or maybe it was a total fluke. See, we stopped swaddling him not long after we got home from the hospital because he kicked his legs a lot and hated having his arms tucked in so he would wriggle until they were free. Me, being the paranoid first time mommy was terrified he would kick the blankets up over his face and then not be able to breath so we stopped. It wasn't until I read yesterday that we should swaddle until the age of 3 months that I dcecided to give it another go. Maybe the swaddle was a fluke, maybe not-all I know is it will be tried again tonight and again tomorrow night fluke or not!!!

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Amy Jackson said...

Congratulations! FWIW, some people swaddle their babies longer than 3 months. I say do what works!