Friday, February 25, 2011

Forrest is 2 Months Old!!!

Today Forrest is 2 months old! John and I seriously think he gets cuter by the day! He is growing and thriving and doing so so well! He has his 2 month appointment and *gulp* needles on Monday so I won't be able to post his stats until then. And I'll post more on the needle topic a little later (let's just say we did not come to this decision lightly and continue to have a bit of an internal battle with it).
You are growing in leaps and bounds. You are doing so well with tummy time and seem to enjoy it! You are awesome at holding your head up on your own. So much so that whenever we try to lie down with you on our chest or just sit and snuggle with you on our chest you fight us to lift your head up! you can hold it up so well and while we are thrilled to see you do so well, we miss our snuggle bunny a lot! You do so well with tummy time that there have been a few times we thought you came pretty close to rolling over. You get so close and try so hard - we call it the superman!
You've been sleeping really well since week 6!  You usually sleep 5-5.5 hour stretches with one night last weekend you slept 8 hours straight (from 11pm to 7am). There have been a couple nights where you slept for only 2-3 hours before waking up but not many!! We cannot complain about your sleep habits! Swaddling you seems to be the way to go when you go down to sleep! Every morning when Daddy goes to work he picks you up to give you a kiss good bye and then you get in bed with mommy!! We snuggle and I feed you and then you usually get a few more hours sleep before getting up for the day!!

You love your little Playskool Gloworm Tummy Time toy! You lie under it watching the lights for a long time - you even fell asleep under it yesterday afternoon. Sometimes when you get to waving your arms all about you'll hit the little gloworm dolls which changes the tune of the song! And that newborn to toddler rocker is still a God send!! You will sit in  your swing staring at the rainforest mobile for about 10-15 minutes until you've had enough and want to get out. A friend of mommy's suggested increasing the speed of the swing but mommy is sure if she increases it by much more you'll end up in the back yard (that thing goes fast-lol).
You seriously smile and coo ALL.THE.TIME! It's so awesome!! Daddy and I will do the silliest things to get a smile out of you. When you smile your whole face lights up and you have the cutest dimples ever!! You are such a happy go lucky baby!! Sometimes when you start to cry all we have to do is talk to you or smile at you and you change from a cry to a laugh/smile! It's pretty cute!! It doesn't last all that long before you realize that we're talking and not feeding or changing you! haha!
Bath time- you love it! You are so mellow and relaxed in the tub!! I'm sure it won't be long until you realize that when you kick your feet/wave your arms you splash mommy and daddy so for now we're enjoying relaxed Forrest during bath time!!
You have also seemed to have found your hands and be able to control them enough to get them in your mouth! You suck on your right hand all the time. Sometimes its a finger, sometimes its your thumb or even sometimes its the entire hand!
You also love getting in the Ergo carrier and hanging out around the house with mommy while she gets some chores down. You always fall asleep in it! And you still love the car and going for drives as well as walks! you are getting much better at getting into the car seat as well - only sometimes do you scream bloody murder and other times you are pretty chill. mommy is really looking forward to warmer weather so she can get rid of the jolly jumper thing that wraps over the seat and also avoid the big hats and mits and blankets she has to pile on you!
As for your size well like we said, Monday we'll find out your length and weight! Daddy sometimes gets on the scale with you and we're pretty sure you're going to be over 11lbs!! You are very very long!!! You no longer fit into your 0-3 sleepers and most of your 0-3 onesies are getting pretty tight too (it's more of a length issue as they fit in the body width fine). You are wearing 3-6 and 6 months sleepers and onesies and still can wear the 0-3 pants and a few 3-6 pants!
We are excited to see how much you weigh at your 2 month appointment on Monday!!!
Happy 2 Months to our handsome little man!! We love you very much!!! xoxo

2 Months old today!!


Samantha said...

He is such a doll!!!! I am SO SO SOOOOO jealous of his sleeping patterns!

mchupie said...

Happy 2 months, Forrest!! So adorable with the giraffe.