Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Mommy Thoughts

- Labour and delivery was not at all what I expected! However, I also did not expect to have low fluid levels, be induced, progress so slowly or have meconium in the fluid. All this said, it was not nearly as bad as I had envisioned or mentally prepared for!
- Having a baby during the biggest holiday of the year is not that great for no other reason than the staffing issues at the hospital. Even the doctor said that the 'B' team was on duty since the 'A' team all took vacation- haha! Forrest was supposed to have an ultrasound the day he was born and it was not until 3 days later and a lot of pushing on my behalf that we got that ultra sound (we also could not leave the hospital until the ultrasound was done and because of this we stayed an extra night-good thing our tax payer dollars are hard at work even if it could have been avoided by having it done the day he was born as requested by the doctor). He also would not have had a hearing test if I hadn't inquired because they thought he had already had one and passed it - ummmm no nurse he didn't have one yet at all-period. They also un-necessarily whisked us down to the NICU which only served to majorly induce panic on me and ended up being absolutely nothing - thank God! Phewf!! but was that panic and stress really necessary?! I could go on and on about our 3 day stay in the postpartum and maternity ward but won't...let's just say that we were not impressed by the care we were given and hope for better the next time - well let's face it, it couldn't get a whole lot worse!
- Recovery was also not nearly as bad as I expected. It was different than I expected but then again how can you really know or understand what it will be like until you go through it. Now at almost 9 weeks post partum I find myself forgetting the pain and the recovery - of course I am 100% back to my old self at this point so thats easy for me to say now! haha
- I really love nursing! It was something I had some anxiety towards during my pregnancy! I worried about that more so than the actual labour and delivery but now that Forrest and I are nursing pros (haha) I am so glad it is going so well for us and I really enjoy the bonding we get out of it as well as all of the obvious nutritional benefits for my son.
- We are already talking seriously about having our second child - it's true what they say about forgetting the pain of labour. Once you look into those eyes of your perfect little angel it all goes away and you are consumed by something undescribeable!
- I could cry when I think how fast Forrest is growing up already! I seriously do not understand how they can put a man on the moon but they cannot slow down time for just a little bit ;)
- I have already had 2 nightmares about returning to work and I've only been on maternity leave for 2 months and have over 10 months left. My heart honestly aches for my USA friends who only 6-8 weeks of leave!
- Now when someone asks what my biggest accomplishment is or what I am most proud of I don't even have to give a second thought - FORREST! He is the light of my life and the love I feel for him cannot be put into words...sometimes I wonder if my heart will explode - lol!
- Every single day we are amazed by this little man. Every thing he does we ooooo and awwww over! It's really quite amazing the silly things grown adults will do to invoke a smile out of a baby!
- Watching John with Forrest and how great he is with him makes me swoon!! How did I ever get so lucky to have 2 amazing boys?!
- I can not for the life of me figure out why newborn socks have grippies on them?! Seriously?!
- There is ALWAYS  something to worry about - Yes, I'm one of 'those' mothers-lol
- Motherhood - I was born for this =)

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