Sunday, March 20, 2011

12 Weeks

12 weeks has flown by faster than I can explain! It's like time has accelerated and I am not a fan! Every day he makes us smile, laugh and owww and ahhh at his development and the baby he is! We are so in love with this little man that there are truly no words to describe it!! The other day John grabbed a measuring tape to see how long Forrest was. We were both sure he had hit a growth spurt as he looked and felt bigger! Sure enough, with John's measurements he was at 25". WOW! He's a long and lean little guy!! He is a very smiley and content baby! he is always smiling and it's so awesome!!! Here is our little cutie pie!!

12 Weeks (growing like a weed)

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Samantha said...

And he's getting cuter with every inch! I love baby boys in blue jeans!!!