Thursday, March 31, 2011

Forrest's First Trip To Nova Scotia (LONG)

WOW...have I been MIA or what?! We took our first family road trip to Nova Scotia last week and so since everyone under the sun wanted to see our adorable little man, we were busy - hence my blogging absense!
We had a fantastic trip home!! Truly awesome!! We saw so many family and friends!! It really makes me emotional when I stop and think about how awesome our family and friends are that they would take the time out of their lives to see us and meet/see our son!! We really appreciate each and everyone of them and feel very lucky to be so loved!! Forrest is a lucky little dude to be born into a world with such wonderful family and friends!! We love you all!!!
We arrived in Halifax Monday afternoon so we headed straight to Erin's house to meet her new little guy, Fisher!! We had our first (of many I'm sure) playdate!! Fisher was not even a month old at that point so it was so nice to finally meet him and seeing how tiny he was made me realize how fast time really does pass by!! He is such a sweet little baby and Erin is doing so great! She looks awesome and motherhood seems to to have come to her very naturally. We each got to snuggle the other's baby and got some very cute photos as well. It'll be fun to watch them play and interact as they grow!!! Monday night we spent at my Aunt Nancy's. My Mom and Donald arrived that night as well. It was Aunt Nancy's first time meeting Forrest and my Mom was going through withdrawl since she hadn't seen her grandson since he was barely 3 weeks old!!! Tuesday my mom enjoyed catching up on snuggles with Forrest and that night was the Sarah McLachlan concert! John is not really a big concert go'er so he stayed home with Forrest so I could go. I am a huge fan of Sarah and it also just so happens that my Aunt Nancy knows her!!! She knew Sarah since Sarah was 14 or 15 years old as she was very good friends with Sarah's dad. Sarah even flew my Aunt out to her home in BC and she stayed with her for a few days-I think that is pretty fantastic and wish I could have jumped in her suitcase-haha! Anyway, Sarah had given my Aunt some free tickets to her concert with backstage passes. We had floor seats and were in the 4th row from the stage...we were soooo close! Erin was also at the concert so I was able to see her again (a nice bonus). The concert was absolutely amazing!! I loved it!! Meeting her after the concert was freaking awesome! She is so so sweet!!! She asked about Forrest and wanted to see pictures of him. Of course I didn't mind showing off my handsome little prince to her!! After she oooo'ed and ahhh'ed over him she told me to give him a kiss for her. We got some pictures and chatted with her for a bit - she is so so sweet!!!
Wednesday we got up and headed to New Ross for a family filled day!!! Janet and Rick had taken the day off work and Bampy had come to stay the night as well. We had many many many visitors throughout the day and it was wonderful to see each and everyone of them. Forrest met his great aunts, uncles, cousins and friends!! He got passed around as each person wanted to hold him!!! Let's see...I want to make a note as to who was there so we can remember for years to come but I'm afraid I'll forget someone. Here goes: Nanny, Grand-Dad, Bampy, Aunt Paulette & Uncle Bert, Cheryl, Uncle Berni, Wendy & Darren, Aunt Nancy & Auntie Rachel, Aunt Lisa, Uncle Avan, Emma & Alex and the Mexican exchange student (whom I don't remember his name-sorry) and I think that's all...hope I didn't forget someone!!! We stayed in New Ross that night and then woke up the next day to head for Cape Breton. We stopped into TPCU on our way out of the city to say hello to a few special ladies there ;)
We arrived at my mom's by suppertime on Thursday. We relaxed that night since we were all wiped out from the previous few days and all the driving we'd been doing!! Friday morning was also pretty relaxing and then we took Forrest to his Great, Great Auntie Dolly's house (my Nannie's sister)!! My mom's cousin Heather was there when we arrived with her grandson Rorey. Rorey is only 1 month older than Forrest so we got some cute photos!!! Then we picked my mom up and went to see my Nannie (which was the main reason for our visit to NS to be honest). My Nannie is getting quite old and not in the best health so we wanted to ensure that Forrest got a chance to meet her!! It was such an emotional and special visit!!! We got lots of photos and of course the 4 generation shot!!! Friday evening my Aunt Nancy and her partner Bob came down from Halifax for the weekend so we all had a nice dinner together! Saturday we stayed at my mom`s house all day because we had some visitors dropping in throughout the day. Aunt Daphne, Cousin Heather and Chris all came to meet the special little dude. Then Mom`s friend Phyliss and her friend Kelly and then my friend Kelly!!! We had a great afternoon and then....John and I went out on our own for the first time since Forrest was born!!! My Mom babysat for us and we went to my friend Kelly and her fiance Sandy`s house for the evening. It was a little hard to leave Forrest for the first time but I was comfortable leaving him with my mom and knew he was in good hands - and it helped that my mom called me once she put him to bed (which in all honestly was only about an hour and a half after we left the house) to give me the full report which I totally appreciated!! We had a really great night at Kelly`s. Another couple I went to high school with was also there!! Kelly and Sandy made a delicious supper and then the girls spent the evening chatting, catching up and of course talking wedding and baby talk while the guys watched the hockey game downstairs.
Sunday morning we packed up and headed out on the road for the long drive back to Saint John. We met my Dad and Ivy (Papa and Nana) in Truro for lunch since they were in Cuba and missed our time in Halifax.We were wiped when we got home on Sunday night!! We bathed Forrest and then put him to his own room!! We realized that he was quickly outgrowing his bassinet since we noticed that a lot of times he`d be hitting the bottom with his little feet so it was time! We figured that since we had a week away in new surroundings it would be best to just put him to bed in his crib in his room the first night back rather than have him sleep in our room and then change things on him again a few days or a week later by putting him in his room so we did it! I honestly feel pretty good about it too!! He slept really well and has continued too since! We`re hoping that keeps up...and no he doesn`t sleep through the night for those that are wondering-we seem to get this question a lot!! He is up about or twice a night which in my opinion is pretty great for a 3 month old!! We`re trying to stick to a routine and he seems to respond best to that as well so it works out for all of us. We put him to bed between 8 or 8:30 and then he is up anywhere between 1-2:30 and again between 5-6. SOME nights he`ll get up only once which is between 3-4...these nights we savour! haha!
We had a really great trip!!! Here are a few^pictures (of the hundreds we took):

Future BFF`s - Fisher & Forrest

Erin`s got her hands full

Sarah McLachlan - AMAZING concert

My Mom and I with Sarah =)

Forrest playing with the same toy his Daddy played with when he was a baby (in New Ross)

Alex, Emma, John & Forrest

Me with Amanda & Debbie and Mr. Man

Forrest has a playdate with his cousin Rorey

4 Generations


Family Shot

`here comes trouble`

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