Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Forrest - 11 Weeks

Geesh, I can't believe it took me this long to post his 11 week picture. We have been very busy since last Saturday. We did take the picture on Saturday (which was when he turned 11 weeks) but it just took me this long to post it. I am really starting to see the difference in him. He is growing so fast!! I went through my facebook album the other day and was shocked to see how fast he changed!!
We have been very busy. Saturday we decided to do a test road trip...haha! Since we're going home to Nova Scotia next weekend we decided to try Forrest out for a longer drive in the car. Well that and we were feeling in the mood for a little family road trip. So we piled in the car with all our stuff (I'm not quite sure what we'll do when we go home for any length of time like our 2 week trip in the Summer) we had enough stuff just going for the day. We took off for another country-haha, thats right we went to Maine! We drove down to Callas and there really isn't much there but we enjoyed the day poking around and had some lunch, shopping got gas and headed for home. Next time we go on a road trip we'll leave a little earlier and just go to Bangor...there is much more there than in Callas! I had plans with some of my new girl friends Saturday evening so we didn't want to take the chance heading into Bangor for me to be late going to the party. We had a great time though and Forrest was an angel!!! Let's hope he's just as good when we go to Nova Scotia next week!!
Saturday night I went to my friend Sharon's house for a little girls night. She and her husband just built a beautiful new house so we were getting together there. I invited my friend Kimberly to join us and I'm glad she did. We all had a lot of fun and laughs! I'm glad I was able to meet some great girls up here - still makes me miss the ones at home like crazy though!!!
Sunday John and I poked around the house. He let me sleep in which was awesome! Then we got up and got out to enjoy the beautiful spring like day. We got our car washed, took our BBQ out of storage, went for a walk and then BBQ'ed some steaks for suppper. A perfect March afternoon!!!
Monday my Dad came up to visit us Forrest. We had a great visit and time went by way too quickly. Unfortunately he won't be home when we go down next week - he'll be in Sunny CUBA! So he wanted to get a visit in beforehand!!
Now I am just sipping on coffee while my little man naps. We have another play date tomorrow and we're hosting it so I am going to tidy up and find something yummy to bake for the mommas!!! I was thinking since it is St. Patty's Day tomorrow I may go with a green theme but I'm not sure yet!!!

11 Weeks

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Nancy B said...

Now you know why mini vans were will become the travelling road show lol..have a great play date today. Thinking of you.xoxo Great Aunt Nancy B.