Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Playdate (and plenty of pictures)

This past Tuesday Forrest had another play date! This time it was at Conall's house!! Forrest and I were looking forward to this mommy coffee date play date all weekend! We had a great time and it was so fun to see the babies at the varioius stages. Conall who will be a year next month was crawling all over the place and pulling himself up on things, he had some teeth and is absolutely adorable! Ava is 4 months and is just a total sweetie!! She is pretty solid, chewing on everything and able to keep her head up! She had a blast in the jumparoo which was cute to watch. Forrest who is 2 months slept a lot of the play date away but did wake up for some photo ops and a feeding!! And the girls all gushed over his smiles and dimples!!  
Us mommies enjoyed our coffee and time to talk!! Jackie has quite the spread of munchies (including these devine looking cupcakes) but since I am in serious baby weight loss mode I respectfully declined! Gotta get my body in somewhat decent looking shape by the time Summer rolls around! I have about 10lbs to go to pre-pregnancy weight and would like to drop another 15 after that. Cupcakes certainly going to help me get there!
Enjoy the pics...

Forrest just having so much fun on his playdate-haha
Ava enjoying her first rice cracker
Conall - his play dates are using all his toys (jumparoo and the rocker) so he toddles over to get something else
Flirting??? Or maybe Conall is trying to tell Ava to get out of his jumparoo lol
Someone decides to wake up and join the party
Curious Conall! Isn't quite sure what to make of these babies that came into his house to play with his toys-haha
Ava has her choice of boyfriends ;)
Soooo cute!
Forrest loves Sophie
My adorable little man who I love more than anything in this entire world! xoxo

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Jessi said...

The smile in that last picture is AWESOME!! so cute!