Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Weekend Goings On

Saturday afternoon/early evening John, Forrest and I got out of the house and went into Costco for some things we needed. Now normally when we go out on our errands we aren't even out of the driveway and Forrest is fast asleep. He stays asleep normally for the entire time until we get home. We're never gone so long that he wants to eat and the few times that he has been I've been at my friend Kimberly's so I've just fed/changed him there...no biggie! I should also say that I am just not comfortable nursing in public. Not even with a cover yet! Sure I know I should get over this but as of now I am just not comfortable and I will never be comfortable nursing in public without a cover. Now of course if my child was hungry I would not let him starve people,I'd obviously do what was necessary but this is also why I pack a nursing cover in my diaper bag for these types of emergencies. But I still would look for a non public place such as the mother baby lounge at the mall or whatever! Anyway, this time we just thawed some milk and brought it in a bottle for him since we knew we'd be out for about 4-5 hours and he would wake at some point to eat! Well he was asleep during the car ride but once we got into Costco he was wide awake. Not hungry or crying but just awake! So he looked around at the sites and seemed pretty content. We went to Wendy's to grab a quick bite and he slept through that. Then we had to kill some time before I dropped John off at the diaper party that the guys he works with threw for him (more on this in a bit) so we went to Starbucks where again he was wide awake and this time although he didn't fuss, we thought it would be best to offer him the bottle since it would be yet another hour and a half before we made it home. So we took him out of his car seat and he enjoyed looking around and then once his bottle was warmed we fed him. This was a first for me and of course after he ate he had to have another first...yep...he definitely needed his diaper changed! haha! Right there in the middle of Starbucks our son did his business louder than the Canada Day fireworks! Thankfully there was only one other table full of people and they were on the other side of the coffee shop. I had never had to change him in a public washroom before, but of course there were no issues and the bathroom wasn't some gross gas station like bathroom with tonnes of people coming in and out, besides that one other table we were the only ones there! Like I said...we don't get out much and when we do its not for very long haha!
Anyway, after we finished our Starbucks Forrest and I dropped John off at his friend's house. As I mentioned earlier, the guys John works with were throwing him a diaper party. For those of you who are reading this like "HUH, a WHAT?!" a diaper party is something that I pretty common nowadays around where we live. When talking to my friend Kimberly who is from Ontario, she kinda mentioned that diaper parties seem to be a Maritime thing which wouldn't surprise me in the least. Anyway, basically a diaper party is like a man's version of the shower. Only instead of playing cheesy games and eating cake while sipping punch they drink beer and eat chicken wings. Each guy that goes brings a package of diapers for the guy who is going to have/just had a baby (in this case the party was for John). Anyway, it was very nice of them to throw this party for John and I know he had a great time and he is still talking about how great the food was (men - haha)!! Even his friend who lives in Moncton now came to SJ for the party. And we are now stocked up on a lot of diapers and wipes which is so generous of them all!
After Forrest and I dropped Daddy off we came home. I fed and changed Forrest and then we played for a bit until the little man started looking very sleepy so I put him to bed. I watched a little TV myself but then decided to go to bed myself since Jimmy's girlfriend would be picking John up at the party for me I didn't have to go get him (like that would be happening at 2:30am with a baby now anyway - can you say Taxi?!). I literally laid in bed with my mind racing and was WIDE awake. I could not sleep for the life of me. I couldn't figure out since I thought I was tired (normally I'm zonked out every night by 11pm at the latest). I was wide awake until John got home after 2 and after he filled in on all the stories and we had some laughs he was sawwing logs while I was still wide awake. Wide.Awake. Forrest also chose this night to be up every 2-3 hours which was odd for him and of course a cruel case of irony for mommy. Didn't really matter since I couldn't sleep anyway. It was close to 4am by the time I fell asleep and then little man was up at 6am. I thought I was going to die. My awesome yet hungover hubby surprised me by jumping out of bed to get him. He knew I hadn't been able to sleep at all and also knew we had a bottle of milk that I had pumped just hours earlier in the fridge so he got up with him and fed him and played with him. I was shocked and sooooo thrilled! It was so sweet of hubby to do this for me without even having to ask! LOVE him! The next day it dawned on me that the barista at Starbucks must not have given me the DECAF skinny caramel mochiato that I ordered and gave me the regular caffienated version which would be the only explanation for my night of awaful sleeplessness. Since she was only very young I am going to assume she doesn't have a baby of her own...but for that awful night I am going to wish upon her a week of sleepless nights when the time comes that she does have a baby! lol
The next day we had a quiet family day in! It was raining all day so we were pretty bummed we couldn't even go for a walk. Jimmy and his girlfriend Shauna came over for a visit before heading back to Moncton! They brought Forrest the cutest little outfit for summer (stayed tuned for pictures). It was very sweet!! Now it's another 'work' week and John is back at er! We're looking forward to another weekend with him off and hopefully some nicer weather! Oh and...in only a couple of weeks we'll be doing our first ever family road trip. Stay tuned...
Until then, here are some pictures:
Mommy and her boy (ignore the cheesy grin I have on here, John was making me laugh)
Uh Oh Jimmy-I think someone is moving in our your lady...better watch out, you've got some competition ;)
The items that John's buddies so generously gave us!
Daddy thought this was funny and had to snap a picture...I have to admit I got a laugh out of it too!
Forrest in his swing with his new little buddy that John's friend Robb (aka Rook) gave Forrest at the diaper party


Samantha said...

What bottles do you use? We STILL haven't found one that Truitt will take!

Mrs. W said...

Well I bought 2 of the tommee tippee ones but we found that even the slowest flow nipple was too fast and he was guzzling the entire thing way too fast. I then just started using then Medela bottles that came with my pump with the slow fow nipple and thats the one we've been sticking with!! Tommee Tippee is supposed to be 'closest to nature' and mimic the mother's breast but the flow is pretty fast in my opinion!