Friday, April 29, 2011

4 Month Needles

Last night we took Forrest to his 4 month appointment with Dr.H. He is now 13lbs and just about 26 inches. After he was weighed and his measurments were taken, we talked about a few other things and then it was time for his dreaded needles. I was sick to my stomach again over this since the last time he cried so hard! I held Forrest in my arms and braced for the worst all the while whispering "it'll be alright, mommy's got you" into my sweet babe's ear! Dr.H gave him the first of 2 needles in his right thigh and to our utter shock and amazement, Forrest didn't even cry!!! The second needle is the one that is supposed to sting a little more so we knew there was no escaping tears for this one - he did cry but not nearly as bad as last time and really only for a few seconds! We were blown away! He cries more when he he's waking up hungry than he did for that needle!! The doctor says that many parents will give tylenol before or after their needles just in case the baby gets fussy or has a low grade fever but we've never given him tylenol and he never seem to suffer from side effects of the needles (knock on wood). He's just the same happy go lucky little baby he always is which is a HUGE relief for mommy and daddy!!

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Samantha said...

You are so lucky! T has had a fever (low grade) since last night and the tylenol isn't doing much to help :(