Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4 Months Old

4 months have passed since our sweet little boy was born!! He has grown so much it gives me chills! Each and every day he amazes us and it is soooo fun to watch him grow!!
Forrest, this month you are really growing in leaps and bounds. Only 3 days after you turned 3 months you rolled over from your belly to your back. You are getting pretty close to rolling from back to belly now too. you try and try and get so close, but you are determined so we're sure it's only a matter of time.
You love to look at your feet. Those feet with the little toes really are amazing to you. You once tried to chew on them too. It's fun for mommy and daddy to put jammies on you that have little bears or monkeys on the feet because then you are really entertained!
Tummy time is not something you dispise anymore, in fact you seem to enjoy it! You also love to lay on your play mat and grab hold of all the animals that dangle and that fisher price rocking chair is really something since you learned this month that if you grab hold of the puppy toy on it and pull it will play music. Mommy was so thrilled when you first did this and now, well she's starting to hear the tune of twinkle twinkle in her sleep! Still, you never seem to tire of this.
You smile and talk ALL THE TIME. You love to talk away and never stop! Daddy says you are like your mother in this regard! You babble and coo and tell stories and mommy and daddy never get tired of listening to you!! You also have been laughing out loud. You did this once or twice at 3 months but now you do it all the time. Daddy is the best at making you laugh!!! Mommy also just realized this past weekend that you are ticklish so she has fun tickling you to watch you giggle! You have the cutest laugh (stay tuned for a video).
Forrest, you have the greatest time picking up your toys and playing with them. At first you seemed almost amazed that you could hold something in your hands and a time or two you even looked slightly panicked when you were holding the ball with all the holes and couldn't figure out how to get it off your hand....luckily mommy came to your rescue and then it didn't take long before you figured out that if you open your hand to pick something up then you can open your hand to let something go too! =)
Another thing you love to do is dance with mommy! She holds you in her arms and dances around the house singing whatever song comes to her head (often she makes songs up too). You love this and smile soooo big when she does!! Daddy has tried to dance with you as well but you just seem to smile and giggle when mommy does it!! It's your's and mommy's special thing. It even calms you down when you get upset! Mommy loves it too - probably even more than you do!!
You are still in size 2 diapers and size 3-6 clothes!! Nursing you has been more of a challenge now that you are getting bigger/older and so easily distracted! You are still EBF (Exclusively Breastfed) though and we won't be starting solids until 6 months!
As for sleep well...that seems to have gotten worse not better-haha! You used to only get up once during the night and now you are getting up twice (between 1am and 2am and then again between 4am and 5am). Up for the day between 6:30 and 7:30. We realized that this started happening since we started putting you to bed earlier so really it's no surprise. You always eat the first time you wake up and only sometimes the second time. Mommy and Daddy have gotten into the habit of bringing you into bed with us when you get up the second time between 4-5.
We love you very much Forrest!

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