Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Easter Bunny Found Forrest

What a wonderful Easter! The best one of my life so far! Forrest didn't have a clue what Easter was or what the big deal was but we sure had fun spending time together and spoiling our little man with goodies and love!! My mom and Donald came up for the weekend. They arrived on Thursday evening. Mom and I and John went for walks with Forrest and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Saturday evening, Mom and Donald looked after Forrest while John and I had our first date night in over 4 months!! We really enjoyed our night together and appreciated them taking such good care of our little man so we could enjoy the evening alone as husband and wife. We went to Thandi for supper and then to the movies to see "The Lincoln Lawyer". It was such a great evening. Forrest was not on his best behaivor for Nannie and Grampie D though. He had a bit of a meltdown and nothing they could do would settle him down. Nannie tried everything and it wasn't until Grampie D made some silly noises that he finally got distracted and settled. My mom was convinced he woke up and realized John and I weren't here and missed us. He finally calmed down and went to sleep and then when we got home close to midnight, we heard him stir. John went in to check on him- Forrest opened his eyes, smiled at John and then went back to sleep with his sookie (paci). Little monkey, lol!!
 Another wonderful thing my momma did for us was let us sleep in over the weekend! WHOOT! Forrest would get up bright and early and then I would feed him and then nannie would take over and entertain him while hubby and I blissfully got another hour or so sleep!
Easter morning, I was just too excited to sleep. I think I was awake before Forrest. I really have no idea why, like I said he has no idea yet what Easter is, who this bunny is that everyone keeps talking about and why there are pretty colored eggs on the floor and around our house! Still, it was our first Easter with our son and I was determined to make it a special one...and I have to say - special it sure was! The Easter bunny more than found Forrest between John and I, Nannie & Grampie D, Nanny & Grand-dad, Nana and Papa and Auntie L. This boy was spoiled!! I had hid some eggs around the house for John and 'Forrest' to find and then we dyed eggs and had breakfast. We spent the rest of the day going for a nice long walk and getting the big Turkey dinner ready.
We had such a wonderful Easter weekend!
Enjoy the pictures...

Forrest with the Easter bunny

Baby Bear (no idea why this went crooked)

Taking my little bear for a walk

LOVE him

playing in his new exersaucer

getting my little bear ready for a walk

sportin his new jean jacket and going shopping with Nannie and Mommy

"The Easter bunny found me!!"

Grampie D & Forrest

Nannie reads Forrest 'The Velveteen Rabbit'

Easter morning family photo op

dying Easter eggs

family photo during Easter breakfast and dying eggs

The Easter bunny left a treat for daddy too

"Look at all these eggs we found"

Our little family! xoxo

Nannie & Forrest

My baby bunny

Cake and cake pops for Nannie's birthday

bath time


Samantha said...

HE IS TOO PERFECT! I love all of his outfits and your bunny was WAY cuter than ours!!!

Mrs. W said...

Thanks S! I have to say that I LOVED your real bunny shoot with Truitt - that was adorable!!