Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oopps...I forgot to post about our class last Monday!

Last Monday (April 11th), Forrest and I went to our 2nd class offered by the Mother - Baby clinic at the hospital. Wendy, the same lactation consultant as the previous class, put this one on. This class was on teething! It wasn't as long as the first class but I still learned a bit and chatted with some other mothers which is ALWAYS awesome!! I know it may seem early but I am fairly certain Forrest is beginning the long journey of teething. While there are no signs of a tooth popping through yet he is drooling like mad, gets rosey cheeks, and is always trying to chew on anything that he can get in his mouth!! He is not really crazy fussy yet thanks heavens!! While home in CB, I mentioned these thoughts to my friend Kelly who is a dentist. She said that while 3 months is early it is definitely not unheard of. After she spent some time with Forrest she agreed that he may be starting this process now!! Anyway, we discussed other things in the class and talked about breastfeeding in general some more. I mentioned that lately Forrest will get distracted or pull away often which is a bit frustrating and/or worrisome! Seriously 7 out of the 10 mothers there all said their little ones did the exact same thing. I wasn't worried since he does the same thing when John gives him a bottle so I knew he wasn't refusing the breast but I was still getting a little frustrated! All their little ones grew out of it within a few weeks and what do you know...Forrest has stopped this habit as well. He still gets distracted once in a while but its not so much an issue any more!!!
We weighed Forrest at the end of the class and he weighed 12 lbs and 10 oz!!! Our little man is not so little anymore!!!
On another note, this past weekend we hung out at home. We had a play date with Tawnya and Ava on Friday and then on Saturday Kimberly came over!! We made Korean food and it was yummy!! Kimberly had been in the states and had brought back Forrest some presents, one of which was this sleepy time bear which is LOVES. It's so cute!! He snuggles is and sometimes tries to chew on it (but what else is new these days). I just love watching him cuddle this little bear.

our little man! xoxo

Little Miss Ava at our house for a play date

Kimberly & Forrest

Forrest in his jammie jams with his sleepy time bear

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