Friday, May 6, 2011

As I mentioned in my previous post, this past weekend John's cousin James and his wife Amber came to visit us!! We had a really nice visit with them and Forrest is getting so excited for his new cousin's arrival in less than 2 months! They arrived Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday morning! We had a great weekend hanging out, talking about baby stuff (Amber is 7 months pregnant) and showing them Saint John. And OF COURSE they had some time to snuggle Forrest!!!
This week Forrest has been busy jumping in his jump, jump, jump-a-roo!!! He is still a little short for it (surprisingly enough) but we just lay some beach towels under it and then he is good to go! He loves it! We got some videos which I'll be sure to post one soon enough! He has also been busy helping mommy in the kitchen! lol He loves to sit in his bumbo while mommy prepares supper for when Daddy gets home (this week he even helped mommy make some delicious weight watcher muffins). He sits in his bumbo while mommy does her thing (and yes I am ALWAYS right there beside him while he is in his bumbo or if I have to turn my back for even a second during this process he sits in it on the floor). Sometimes, we'll lay a blanket on the floor in the kitchen and he is just as content to lay on it and play with his toys! We also went to Pomodori for lunch with Kimberly and her friend this week! He is such a good boy that taking him out places is never an issue which I love. I always get a little nervous but he always shows me why I shouldn't be!
We are really lucky to have had so many visitors in New Brunswick. Since we got home from the hospital with our precious baby boy our house has had a lot of people coming to visit to meet our prince! We feel so fortunate to have so many great family and friends willing to make the journey to New Brunswick! We appreciate each and everyone of you and are always ready to welcome anyone wanting to make the trip! Forrest sure is lucky to be so loved!
This weekend is Mother's Day so I am very much looking forward to spending the whole weekend with my boys! Until then, enjoy the pictures!

Mr. always has his hands in his mouth these days

Amber & Forrest at the 3 Mile Pub (Forrest's first trip to a pub-lol -it was for lunch and it's actually called Three Mile Rib and Steakhouse)

Forrest wanted to get out of his seat and have a look around

Forrest is eyeing James' Corona pretty hard haha (or maybe its the nachos, salsa and guac he's eyeing)

Amber helping get Forrest ready for bathtime - looks like Forrest got a good fistful of her hair in this picture lol

James and Forrest


helping mommy bake

Daddy & Forrest (sorry for the terrible lighting in this picture soon I'll be able to take pics like the pros lol -more on that later)

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