Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A new found sanity saver

This past weekend John's cousin James and his wife Amber were up visiting us (I'll post more on that later) - Amber is 7 months pregnant with their first baby (a boy). While out and about with them on Saturday we of course stopped into Babies R Us for a quick browse around and I picked up the Playskool Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse! This my friends, is a sanity saver! It has been a dream since the first time I put it in his crib with him. We've tried the sleep sheep, the aquarium, his mobile, a soother, etc - all of which works but never as fast or as often as this seahorse has worked (knock on wood). It is by far the best $20 I've ever spent!! Bed time is not usually difficult to get him to sleep but nap times can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. He`d easily fall asleep in his swing/chair/my arms but not very often in his crib. I wanted to get him out of that habit and have him napping in his crib more often (he would nap in his crib just not all the time). Low and behold, we now are doing much better with the crib naps and he has not napped in his chair or swing once this week - WHOOT! I love this seahorse!! I am surprised it works so well though as it wouldn't be my personal favorite. If I were going to be lulled to sleep by something soothing I'd for sure pick that sleep sheep as there were many a nights when Forrest was in our room that we'd turn the sheep on and find ourselves drifitng off into dreamland (or was that just our sleep deprived state?! lol). And then that aquarium is much more entertaining to me as well!! But if it works for Forrest at this time, I'm a happy momma!!!


Samantha said...

I've heard great things about this and I'm thinking it's time for us to try it!

Sarah :) said...

Many Bumpie Moms refer to the seahorse as "Baby crack". I registered for it, but didn't get it. I'm thinking of investing in one myself as nap time is hit and miss in our house as well. Nora HATES the aquarium.

Mrs. W said...

HAHA Sarah - I can totally relate to why they call it baby crack! I just put Forrest down in his crib for yet another nap...turned on the 'baby crack' and within moments he's fast asleep!
Ladies - I HIGHLY reccommend getting one - Best $20 I've spent EVER! lol