Friday, May 27, 2011

Rolling Rolling Rolling...Get That Baby Rolling ;)

Last night, Forrest woke up at 1:30am. I nursed him and then he was back to sleep as usual. Around 2 - 2:30am I heard him again, this time he was not waking in his usual fashion. he just seemed to be struggling a bit and sounded like he was frustrated. I of course rushed in to see what was up with my little blue eyed boy and low and behold, he had rolled over from his back to his belly in his sleep. He was lifting his head up and had a cranky look on his face like he didn't know he could roll over onto his back again! He has been rolling from belly to back for quite some time and within the past couple of weeks has learned to roll from back to belly...however, once he rolls each way he doesn't realize that he can roll back to the way he wants to be. He moves a lot in his sleep so hopefully he catches on that he can roll himself back to the way he wishes to lay - like barrell rolling! haha!

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