Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're Baaack...

We're back from our weekend in Nova Scotia and I must say how great it feels to be back in our home! It was a great weekend and very nice to see so many family and friends, celebrate a friend's marriage at her wedding and baptize our beautiful baby boy who even got to meet some family for the first time!! It was a busy, event filled weekend! I have lots of updates which I will post soon complete with pictures. Forrest turned 21 weeks, 5 months (sniff sniff) and we have an appointment with Dr.H today to check his weight so I'll be updating very soon. Even though we are back to our everyday lives in NB, I have been very busy since getting back. Monday night and all day Tuesday I worked on my photography assignments, Tuesday night was class, then Wednesday Forrest and I had to take the car in for service work - [a total nightmare that took 4 hours to change my oil and check my brakes while I waited patiently at the mall with my 5 month old - was I cranky? YES. Was Forrest cranky? YES. Was John cranky? YES. After 3 terrible experiences at the Hyundai dealership, we both agreed that we must be a sucker for punishment and have vowed to never give them our buisness again!!]
Last night, John and I took Forrest down to see our neighbours, we sat outside and chatted for a little while since it was a beautiful night. Last night was a grocery run and then today Forrest and I have an appointment at the doctor's. BUSY BUSY BUSY - us Walker's have been on the go since early last week!
 Because he is EBF and his weight has always been between the 25th and 50th percentile, Dr.H and I agreed that checking his weight monthly wouldn't hurt so this is what we do. We are all totally confidant that he is following a fine growth pattern, it's just mainly to reassure us all!!! So I'll be back in a bit with an update!!
AND....while home I got one of my bridesmaid dresses and it is GORGEOUS! I love it is too big for me!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!! lol

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Samantha said...

So glad to hear you had a great time!

Truitt's 'star of mommy's blog' bib is from Target! It was only a few dollars :)