Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just a random thought....

People are funny....As soon as you get married you are constantly asked "When are you two newlyweds going to have a baby?" and then once you have your first baby it's on to a new question, "soooo...when are ya's having another one?". As if we don't rush our own lives away, we have others doing it for us! From the moment we meet the man of our dreams we get question after question: When are you moving in together? When are you going to get engaged? When is the wedding date? When are you going to start a family? When is the second one coming? Etc etc etc....
  Now as for baby Walker #2, well right now I am just enjoying #1 to the fullest and there is no doubt in my mind that I want another, and another and another and another and...HAHA! But seriously, I know I want a second, and I know I want them fairly close in age. If you asked my crazy out of his mind husband he would tell you he was ready to start trying for #2 at 3 months post-partum (yes he's CRAZY - crazy for 2 reasons: he wanted another at 3 months post partum and because he actually said this out loud to his recovering wife at 3 months post partum and didn't quite understand the stink eye he recieved because of this). But regardless of what hubby wanted or what I wanted (or didn't want in this case) mother nature has its own way of spacing siblings.
Because John continuously talks about having another one sooner rather than later and because I am still obsessed with watching baby shows like "One Born Every Minute" and "Baby Story", "Birth Days" and yes even "16 and Pregnant" I can't help but think of this in a different way. I am in no way scared for the pregnancy part - I had an excellent pregnancy and enjoyed every minute of it. I am not even scared for labour and delivery fact I watch those shows and feel almost excited for that part. It's such an amazing, intense experience with the very best gift at the end and after all is said and done you have this incredible sense of all the days of my life I have never been so consumed with pride and love as I was on December 25th, 2010. When I think about baby #2, the only part that terrifies me is the thought of the sleepless nights! HAHA...I know it's nuts but it is true!! It's no secret that our perfect baby boy is not quite the perfect sleeper! Yes he is incredibly pleasant all the time and yes he is the cutest baby in the world (okay I may be a little bias on that one) but sleep ing at night is not something he does easily - naps are fine but once night falls and its bedtime he is up all the time (at this point we have it timed and the past few nights has been every 45 minutes - ouch). So when I think of baby #2, I get scared thinking about the sleepless nights. I know this is just a phase but I can't envision the light at the end of the tunnel just yet-perhaps it is because I cannot see clearly running on little to no sleep!!!
Whenever we decide to start trying for baby #2, and we have no time set in stone yet (but I did say that I won't even consider it until after the weddings I am in this summer). Whenever we decide the time is right, we will have to be on the same page and ready together! Hopefully by then I'll have at least one full night of sleep - haha!!!

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