Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mr. Independant ;)

Look who is sitting on his own now?! He's been sitting on his own for very brief periods of time for a week or more now but today he was sitting on his own for a long time. We went to the Q-Plex Pool with Tawnya and Ava today and I sat my little man on the mat under the umbrella and low and behold he sat like that almost the whole time with only a couple little wobbles here and there!!! I was such a proud momma and of course all I had was my cell phone camera so sorry for the not so great picture. Luckily Tawnya grabbed a few shots with her camera which I will be sure to get from her.
And in other news, this morning Forrest and I went to the Mother Baby Clinic's 3rd breastfeeding follow up class. Today's class was on "Introducing Solids". I really love these classes because I always meet a couple really nice ladies and have some great conversations! I learned a lot and got some great literature. We decided to start solids this weekend and I am both excited and a little sad. The Lactation Consultant said that as soon as you give your baby something other than breast milk it begins the weaning process...this makes me incredibly sad! Forrest has been exclusively breastfed since day 1 and although it had it's challenges early on...I couldn't imagine it any other way. I loved nursing him and the bond we shared and I hate to think of introducing solids as the beginning of the end! haha-okay maybe thats a bit melodramatic but's a bit emotional for me! Now of course he'll still be a breastfed baby and he'll get most of his nutrition through breastmilk and solid food will just be a compliment to his meal. Stay tuned for pictures and video though...

Forrest sitting up on his own (he was showing off for his girlfriend Ava-hehe)


Samantha said...

Forrest its up SO well! Truitt still needs his arms to prop him up and even then he is quite wobbly!

I feel you on solids :( We started banana this week and get ready- it makes diapers AWFUL! I've heard that banana is worse than other foods on the diapers so hopefully next won't be bad. We're trying avocado this next week.

Are you on facebook? If it's not too creeperish :) Will you add me? There's a great private BFing group you should join! (Samantha Powers Allison!/profile.php?id=662625542) Hopefully that'll work.

I also love his hat and sunglasses! Such a stylish boy!

Mrs.W said...

Thanks Samantha!! His hat was a gift from John's friend and I just love it! It looks so sweet on him and is perfect for the summer sun! I've added you to facebook and joined the breastfeeding group...I think I'll add a few of my friends to it as well if thats okay with you!!!