Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We did it! Forrest and I survived our first whole night without Daddy!!! John had meetings for work in Truro Monday and Tuesday so that meant an over night work trip. I will admit I was a little nervous although I have no idea why!  Of course everything went fine and as normal...although I do think Forrest missed his Daddy and I know I sure did ;) There are couples out there who don't mind at all when their significant other goes away, some that enjoy it and some who miss the other and would prefer not to spend the evening without them. I am the latter! I don't like spending the night away from John. I love curling up next to the oven that is my husband, I love our chats and I love taking care of our beautiful boy together! I love having supper together, I love that he kills all the bugs (and there was a really annoying fly that got in when our patio door was open and I couldn't catch him for the life of me), I love that every single time we bathe Forrest, we do it together! I love that he likes to spoon (haha) and I love that he is an all around amazing husband and father! But it was just one night and not all that bad! It was really nice having Forrest because any other time before Forrest was born when he'd be away, it was always so quiet and lonely. Now that I have my little man to keep me company, it made for a busy night! We started off the day by cuddling and hanging around. Then we went into town to run some errands and I treated myself to Starbucks. We came home, played and I got supper for myself. I bathed Forrest and put him to bed with no troubles at all! After that I had some phone calls to make and before I knew it John was calling and we were saying good night. Forrest did wake up a lot through the night but by 2am I had brought him into bed. This way I got to cuddle my boy and when he woke up every hour or two it was much easier on me!! And he didn't wake up for the day until John called at 7:50am and the phone ringing woke us both up!
Hubbs is home tonight and I have my photog class so I best be going....

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