Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Here Comes The Sun

Finally some nice weather to get outside and enjoy!! Every chance we get when it's nice out we're outside so on this day I snapped a few pics. I just realized that I have not one posted a picture which I took with my good camera. I actually have not uploaded any to our computer yet. I will get on that very soon and upload some from my new big camera although this point and shoot (which is also somewhat new) takes really great pictures for a P&S. I have a Nikon P&S and a Canon DSLR - guess I'm not that brand loyal yet! haha 

chillin in the bumbo outside on the deck

my handsome man

cool dude

First time having his feet touch the grass - not a care in the big deal. This little guy is always so laid back!

"hmmmm...I wonder if I can put this in my mouth like I put everything else in my mouth?"

smiles for mommy (melts my heart every.single.time.)

first day wearing shorts - they are still a bit big for him but I'm sure it won't be long

Tummy time on a mat outside

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