Thursday, June 9, 2011

We've got some good news.....

Congratulatios to my amazing, hardworking and very sexy husband!!! John got a promotion and he is now the I&R Manager for Saint John. I couldn't be more proud of him and he definitely deserves it! He has such great work ethic, determination and drive and it is incredibly sexy! ;) He makes me proud each and every day but this promotion has me beaming!! I know how bad he wanted it so I couldn't be happier for him! A lot of changes are coming his way as well as a lot of new challenges but I know he is the guy for them all - he excels in every role he is given! When we decided to move here for this job, it was a decision we faced head on but we definitely had some reservations and fear! Less than 2 years later he is light years ahead in his career and we thank our lucky stars we made the right decision!!!
Congrats babe!! Forrest and I are so excited for you!!!


nancy said...

Wow give my congrats to John!! Promotions are hard to come by nowdays so that is exciting news!
All the best in his new position!!

Mrs.W said...

Thanks Nancy (BTW-is this Aunt Nancy Barkhouse or Nancy Berry?!). We are very proud and excited. A big step to a very deserving man! And if this is Nancy B-house, this was the same position Bampy retired from Aliant in so John was very excited to call him and share the news!