Monday, July 4, 2011

Adventures in Solids

A week before Forrest turned six months we decided to try him on a little solids! We read a lot of research that advised it was best to wait until he was six months before starting solids so we waited. I made all kinds of different baby foods and put them in the freezer in my baby cubes and baby bullet trays! I was so excited to feed my sweet little boy all my home made baby food! Although we may have started him just a mere week before his half birthday, he really didn't get any of the solid mommy homemade goodness in his belly until this week that just past. We started with a little rice cereal...he made a face as if to say "what the heck is this mom? I want my milk, this is terrible". He pushed it out with his toungue and got fussy. We left it at that and decided to wait until the next day to try again. This went on for days. We tried cereal for a few days and then moved on to something else. We tried chicken (as the doctor and dietitian recommended since its high in iron) and again made a face abd pushed it way was he swallowing that stuff! As soon as he got fussy we stopped, took him out of his chair and let him be! We were in no way going to push it on him if he wasn't ready! Then one day last week he just started swalloing the rice cereal...but nothing else! And then on Canada day while Daddy was out mowing the lawn he decided to give in to the sweet potatoes. I was sooo excited! As soon as he was finished we rushed out to tell daddy the good news about our big boy finally eating mommy's cooking (yikes..what does that say about my cookin?! lol). Pureed sweet potatoes are now a hit and we will soon be moving on to pea puree. We have also taken a piece of frozen banana and put it in a mesh bag teether for him to nom on thinking it will ease the painful gums...he makes another face and usually pushes it away. He makes the funniest faces when he eats and will even shudder!! We get such a kick out of it! But we are making progress on the solids so stay tuned. I'm sure in another 10-15 years when my grocery bill is as high as my mortgage payment I'll be looking back on the days when he refused solid food and laughing!!

the face of a boy is not impressed

sitting in my high chair for the first time ready to eat something other than mommy's milk

Canada day - we made some progress this morning and thats the face of a boy who swallowed and enjoyed his sweet potatoes

still makes a few funny fcaes but laps it up nonetheless

"okay you're not such a bad cook afterall"

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Samantha said...

I LOVE the sweet potato pics! So far Truitt likes banana,avocado, prunes (although I bought them- Plum's Organic Pouch brand) pears and WHOLE green beans, he's not too fond of sweet potatoes, carrots, or applesauce and HATES pureed green beans.