Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Babies Babies Babies!!!

Forrest has 2 new cousins!!! And 2 new BOY cousins at that!!! John's cousin James and his wife Amber had their baby on July 2nd!!! They had a beautiful baby boy, Hayden James and he was 7lbs 2oz. James and John grew up together and are great friends...there is 9 months between them so they were both excited to have sons that were going to be only 6 months apart!! We are so very happy for them both and know they will be fantastic parents!!!
My step-brother Darcy and his wife Sarah had their baby this morning!! They also had a boy (they were like us and didn't find out the sex ahead of time). They named their son Owen Edward and he was 9lbs 11oz (WOW - that's a big baby). We're sure he's beautiful as well but I have not yet seen his picture -haha! It will sure make for some fun and very busy family get togethers at Dad & Ivy's!!! We are very excited for Darcy, Sarah and Cailey to be welcoming Baby Owen into their family!!!
I've been waiting to write this post for 10 days now. haha!! James and Amber were actually due AFTER Darcy and Sarah but Amber went into labour on Canada Day and had her baby the next day. Sarah and Darcy were due on the day James and Amber had their baby but went 10 days overdue! So, sicne I wanted to tie the 2 announcements together in one blog post, I've been anxiously awaiting Baby's Owen's arrival!! Since we'll be home in NS next week, we'll be going to visit both babies and I am looking forward to snuggling them!!! Forrest is very excited to meet these new cousins!!!!

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