Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We're Back from the 2nd Annual Mother - Daughter Shopping Extravaganza

We had an absolute blast!! We took my little man with us of course and he did really really well. We hit a few curveballs but nothing we couldn't handle. The drive down took a little longer than we thought so once we arrived in North Conway we checked itno the Inn and went out for just a short time before having to head back and put Mr. Man to bed. While I put Forrest down to sleep in his Pack & Play, Mom ran out and picked up pizza and by the time she got back with our supper he was fast asleep. The next day we got up early (courtesy of Forrest) and since the Outlet Stores didn't open until 9am their time and since Forrest was still on our time this meant we were up and at em at about 5:30 their time. We decided to get dressed, packed up and go for a walk around the cute town to find some breakfast. When we got back from our walk Forrest was fast asleep...dumbass silly mommy decided to try and transfer him from his stroller to the car seat and of course he woke up. And then he wouldn't go back to sleep and was UBER cranky the whole morning. My mom walked and walked with him around Settlers Green but it took a long time for him to fall asleep - guess who learned a valuable lesson that day?! ME! Never ever try to transfer your sleeping baby and nap time is very very important!! We basically tore through Settlers Green on a power shopping spree and then headed for Bangor.
It was a crazy hot day in North Conway and the drive to Bangor was hot as well. Forrest fell asleep on the drive and then woke up to have a bit of a melt down. We knew what was wrong though - the massively giant hugely disgusting poopsplosion he had just had. By this time we were on the I-95 and of course there is absolutely no stopping/pulling over there (Emergency stopping only is what the signs all clearly state and while I definitely consider a poopsplision an emergency, the state troopers tend to disagree) so we had to find the next possible off ramp which led us to a rest stop. Once we got to the rest stop I rushed in to change his diaper only to realize that we had used the last of the diapers in my diaper bag (something that has never happened to me before but of course would happen on this particular occasion). Mom ran out to the car while my naked, but happy to be poop free, boy hung out in my arms as I worriedly waited for him to pee all over me! Once Mom got back inside I could read the look of sheer panic all over her face! Apparently the car had overheated and we were leaking "green stuff" all over the ground underneath it! We found out there was a tow shop/garage about 2 miles down the road so we rushed right there. Seedy, most sketchy place I've been too in a long time. But there were 3 very nice men working there who immediately saw 2 woman and a baby in trouble and helped us out. They worked on the car for a while, found the parts they needed (a radiator hose thingy and clamps) and re-filled all the anti freeze. They only charged us $20 - seriously they put more anti-freeze in than $20 worth. We thanked them and counted our blessings and headed to Bangor well behind schedule! By the time we got to Bangor we picked up Subs for supper and headed right to the hotel. No shopping for us as we were all exhausted and Forrest was well up past his bedtime. The next day we took Forrest for a swim before heading out to shop some more. We power shopped again (i.e. tore through a few stores at the mall trying to get everything we could remember - this is why a list comes in handy) and then went to the Olive Garden for lunch before heading home. Even though we hit those curveballs and shopping with a baby is much different than just going about your shopping excursion at a liesurely pace, I still enjoyed this trip more than the last one! We had a ball and a lot of laughs and Forrest was an angel. The only 2 melt-downs he had was when his dumbass silly mommy awoke the sleepy bear from a much needed nap (won't make that mistake ever again thats for sure) and when he had the biggest and yuckiest poop known to man kind. Can't say I blame the kid on those issues really! We power shopped which is probably better for me anyway because normally I hum and ha over purchases and this time I just tossed things in the cart or at the register and of course Mom and I more than spoiled Forrest!

no idea why my photos won't go the way I put them (vertical).

happy to be out in North Conway for a walk

sitting in a high chair at breakfast

chilling with Nanny at breakfast

the beautiful Inn we stayed at in North Conway

going for a swim in the morning

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