Thursday, July 7, 2011


Last night we thought we'd let my mom try to give Forrest a bottle I had in the fridge just to see if he'd take it from her. John and I have another date night planned for when we get back from the USA this weekend and thought we'd give it a try while we were both close by. Mom gets the bottle all ready and goes into the room to feed him and this is where the complete and utter meltdown ensues! OH DEAR! It was nuts! He was having a fit and no way was he taking that bottle. So I go in and take him and comfort him and then I try to give him the same bottle and he took it. As much as I enjoy my momma's little boy I know this is going to cause some issues for us. I know this is only happening because we live in NB away from all our family and that he is just not around them nearly enough so he is not used to being away from his mommy and daddy. There really is nothing we can do now until he hopefully grows out of it...or until his momma has to go to the first day of daycare with him, the first day of school, the first hockey practice, the first date...and so on and so forth.. He's going to look pretty silly when he rolls into his first job interview with his mommy by his side. I wonder if that will hinder his chances of getting a job?! lol
Well mom, Forrest and I are on our way to the USA for the second annual shopping extravaganza! I'll be back this weekend!

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Samantha said...

Truitt still refuses a bottle from anyone pretty much! He will sometimes take about 1 oz but the majority of it ends up all over him instead!