Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Forrest is 8 months old!!!

Forrest turned 8 months old on Thursday August 25th while we were home visiting my mom!! My Aunt and I decided to take his monthly pictures outside since it was such a beautiful day and my mom had this beautiful hydrangea which made for a lovely photo opportunity.
Forrest my love, this month you are always on the go. To say you are busy would be quite the understatement!!! You are crawling and getting into everything. We have caps on all the outlets, power cords hanging up out of your reach and sharp corners are now well padded. The baby gate has been installed by your dad and you have been climbing up onto things such as your fisher price newborn to toddler rocker chair. You love to climb into a standing position and also are a fan of crawling underneath your exersaucer. You just love to give kisses too. You open your mouth really wide, grab my face and go in for a big slobbery kiss - mommy and daddy LOVE this no matter how much drool they get covered in! It's so freaking cute!!!
You love the game peek a boo!!! It makes you squeal and giggle. You and daddy play this all the time! Mommy gets butterflies watching her two favorite boys have so much fun together and hearing their laughter from no matter what room she happens to be in! You still love your soother and get very excited when you see it. Mommy and Daddy try to only give it to you during sleepy times but sometimes when you see one you get excited and-or sooky and they cave! You also still LOVE the outdoors. If you are cranky, once we take you outside you mellow and are happy again!
Favorite foods include: BANANAS!!! You go bananas for bananas!!! Once you see the bright yellow fruit coming your way you kick and wave your arms with excitement while opening your little mouth. You also love peaches, cereal, and carrots. You pretty much eat anything we give you but those would be your favorite!!!
You are in size 3 diapers still, size 6-12 month and 6-9 month clothing!! You sleepers are all pretty much 9 months and 12 months though. You are very long and lean my dear!!!
We are having so much fun with you my dear sweet boy. I cannot even believe you are 4 short months away from your first birthday. Mommy has already been brainstorming some fun and very special first birthday party ideas!! We love you Forrest!! xoxo

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Samantha said...

Our boys are growing up so fast!!! Happy 8 Months Forrest!