Thursday, September 1, 2011

Congrats Kelly & Sandy!!!!

This past weekend I was honored to be part of a very special day!!! My long time friend Kelly and her 'now' husband, Sandy, got married!!! Kelly and Sandy actually met in Junior High but didn't date until well out of high school. The day was very special, incredibly beautiful and soooo much fun!!! I was beyond touched and honored when Kelly asked me to be her maid of honor (actually it's matron of honor when you are married which I only recently found out). Here is how the wedding festivities began.
We originally planned Kelly's bachelorette party for the Thursday before the wedding because we were hoping the other bridesmaid would be down from NFLD by then. Unfortunately Mary (Kelly's friend from Dental school) couldn't make it down until Friday due to an unexpected situation. Kelly wanted something very small and classy for her bachelorette festivities, so classy we gave her. We went to Tracie's spa to get mani/pedi's done!! We sipped on champagne and had a fruit tray and of course the ever classy penis chocolates-lol!! We had a super fun time chatting about all things wedding, catching up and we had a million and one laughs for sure!!! After we had our hands and feet all prettied up and were feeling very relaxed, we went out for supper!! Suzanne (the other bridesmaid and a friend Kelly & I graduated high school with) had made a super cute last fling cake for desert. A lovely night spent with lovely ladies!! =)
Friday morning we woke up and did some last minute running around then headed to Baddeck for the wedding!!! The rehersal was that evening at Saint Michael's Church and then Kelly and Sandy's rehersal party was at the Baddeck Yacht Club. What a great night!!! The food was delish and the drinks were a flowing (of course being the responsible mommy and bridesmaid that I am I only had a glass of red wine which I promptly spillt down the front of my new shirt -booooo)
Saturday morning bright and early we were up!!! The girls in the bridal party all went to the restaurant in the main house at the Innverary for breakfast!!! We had a super yummo breakfast and chatted excitedly about the day ahead!!! Kelly was the most calm and relaxed bride I have ever seen. We met in Kelly's suite after breakfast to start getting ready for the big day. Kelly had hired a hair and make up team from Revive Spa in Sydney to come up for the day! They did everyone's hair and make up and did a fantastic job!!! Getting ready was sooo much fun!
The ceremony was so nice!!! It was very special! After the ceremony we went for pictures back at the Inverary and then the bridal party went to join the rest of the guests at the cocktail party while Kelly and Sandy got more pictures taken of the two of them. The cocktail party was in a tent on the water and it was amazing!! The dinner started at 7pm so once the guests left to go into the main room for dinner we all gathered outside to do the grande entrance. We entered with sparklers, held our arms up to form an arc and Kelly and Sandy walked in as Mr & Mrs to Kiss' "I was made to love you" under the sparkler arc. It was fun!!! The dinner and recpetion was absolutely beautiful!!! AMAZING!!! I was soooo nervous to give my speech but it was a big hit so relief set in immediately afterwards (especially after a few guests came over to tell me what a great speech it was). We had soooo much fun the whole day and night!! Even hubbs who didn't know too many people said it was one of the best weddings he has ever been to!!! An absolute blast and I wish we could do it all again!!!
I am so happy for Kelly and her new husband!! I wish them all the best for a bright and happy future together! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. MacD!!! =)

Mother of the bride and the beautiful bride to be

penis chocolates

mani pedi time

the beautiful bride to be getting her nails done

Suzanna (with 2 week old Tionna), Kelly, Mary & Moi at breakfast

cheers to a beautiful day

just before we started getting ready -

I had given Kelly a little bride gift (a Victoria Secret Bride tank) and these cute little "something blue" decals for her shoes). They were really cute and the photographer loved them and took a tonne of pictures of them

Suzanne & Kel getting their hair done

me getting my hair done

Mary was slightly hung over from the rehersal party but this Cape Breton pizza fixed her right up

mother of the bride (Char) getting her make up done

junior bridesmaid Camryn

Kelly and her dad

signing the register

outside greeting guests

Mary, Suzanne, Tionna (who was only 2 weeks old) and me

bridal party dance

the entrance

Me with the gorgeous bride

we danced the night away


the bouquets and centerpieces were stunning - the were a mix of hydrangeas and roses from Lotheringtons! I have mine drying now!

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