Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just a quick update

Sorry I've been MIA! Things have been busy around the Walker household! I have also been in serious Bachelorette party planning mode and gearing up for the 2 weddings I am standing this month and next!
Forrest is still doing awesome!! We had a fantastic weekend even though the weather totally sucked!! Friday night I went for dinner and a drink with the girls. It was really nice out that night so we were able to sit on the patio - I LOVE this about summer - patio season!!! We had a nice night and then Saturday John, Forrest and I woke up early and headed to Moncton for an appointment John had at 8:30. We dropped John off and then Forrest and I roamed around Moncton, grabbed a coffee at Second Cup and then browsed Chapters. We picked John up and headed to the mall for a little shopping and then went for lunch (and also got to enjoy our lunch on a patio - YAY). Saturday night was pretty low key and Sunday we spent doing things around the house.
Tuesday was a BIG day for us!!! A very exciting thing happened Monday night!! Something I didn't expect to happen until Forrest was at least a year and on some rather rough nights I often thought it wouldn't happen until he turned! Forrest slept through the night WHOOOT!  I almost hate to say it out loud or type's just too good to be true! Although my dear sweet lucky to still be alive husband woke me up at 5:30am to tell me our son was still sleeping. This is how that conversation went down:

John: "Ainslie, Ainslie - it's 5:30 and Forrest is still asleep. He didn't wake up?!"
Me: "really?? Wow thats amazing. But why are you waking me up?"
John: "Well I'm worried, think he's okay? It's weird he didn't wake up"
Me: "John, this is the first night our child has slept through the night. That's a milestone he and I are supposed to have at the same time - baby's first sleep through the night and mommy's first sleep through the night, thanks for the wake up dear!"
John: "should I go check on him?"
Me: "NO - listen to the monitor, you can hear him breathing"
John: "I can't hear it, can you?"
Me (listening closely): "Yes and he's fine. NOW GO TO SLEEP"

Last night he sorta did it again! He woke up at 2am-ish! I got up to go get him but first grabbed a glass of water and a bathroom trip then as I came out of the bathroom he was quiet...I waited for a few minutes and nothing! So I drifted back to sleep until 7am when my lovely husband woke me (again) to tell me that Forrest was still sleeping and he had to leave for work without kissing him goodbye (and you're point dear husband?! You are NOT waking him to say goodbye, sorry pal). So now that I have typed it, said it out loud and thought about it I am sure it will never happen again - haha! Anyway, for the 2 nights we did get it was awfully nice even with the unnecessary wake up from dear sweet lucky to be alive hubby!


Samantha said...

I am SO happy for you but SO EXTREMELY JEALOUS!!!! A good night for us is one where T sleeps 3-4 hours straight and then is up every 2 until 6-7am. It's ok, we will get there someday!

Mrs.W said...

That's so hard!! I hope it comes for you soon!! I honestly didn't think it would happen for us this soon and I'm not betting the farm it stays this way for very long!