Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Napless Wonder

After a particularly busy morning we are back home. It is so beyond nap time it isn't funny but what is the napless wonder doing at this particular time? Having a rather lengthy discussion and chat with his soothe and glow sea horse in his crib! Is he napping? NOPE! Is he even close to napping? NOPE. Is he enjoying himself immensely? YEP!
Oh well...he gotta nap sometime right?! right?? Come on people...RIIIGHHT??????

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Samantha said...

T decided he didn't need naps today either. He fell asleep for less than 10 minutes two different times in the car but crashed as soon as we got home after having been up for 8 hours (other than the two catnaps). He's still napping but I'm ok with that- yaaaay blog time!