Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lesson Learned

So my sister in law Sarah and her new baby Owen are in Saint John this week visiting her parents! Of course we took this opportunity to get together for  "play dates"/mommy outtings! Monday we went to the mall for a little retail therepy and some lunch and then yesterday we met up at the Irving Nature park for a 7 km walk around the park! We both have the BOB Revolution stroller and they wheeled, no more like glided, through that park without any issues! We had a fantastic walk and chat and of course lots of laughs! Then we headed back to Sarah's parents house to feed the boys and go for another walk, this time to get an ice cream (you know, after a nice long walk we needed to get back those calories we just burned off-haha). My gas light came on on my way to the nature park but since I was running late due to construction everywhere, I didn't bother to stop and thought I'd get some after our walk. Sarah and I stopped at an Irving gas station on my way to her parents house and I of course paid at the pump so that I wouldn't have to bring Forrest inside with me while I paid. I paid for my gas with my card, put my card back in my wallet and then set my wallet on the roof of my car and pumped my gas. The gas station was on a super busy road similar to a high way with 4 very busy lanes of fast moving traffic. I get back in my car to pull out of the gas station and take my time since I'm not used to this road, it's very busy and fast and I have precious cargo. Buddy behind me in a big blue truck starts laying on his horn. Naturally I thought he was being an a$$hole beeping the horn at me for going slow/taking too long to pull out into the road so I did what any other "classy" lady would do - I flipped him the bird! LOL. Ugghhhh...not a cool move as you are about to find out! We go back to Sarah's, feed the boys and head out on our walk. It is not until I am about to pay for my ice cream cone that I realize I don't have my wallet. Sarah pays for my cone and assures me it must be back in my car and that I must not have thrown it in my bag but on the seat of my car instead. As we are sitting on an empty pallet eating our ice cream and cooing over how cute our boys, a light bulb goes off in my head....big blue truck buddy was not laying on his horn to be obnoxious or rude...he was trying to tell me my wallet was on the roof of my car. I immediately felt sick. A) I had lost my wallet and B)I gave this guy the finger! OHHHHH NOOOO! We rushed back to her parent's house to my car and sure enough it wasn't in my vehicle! No surprise there though. I rarely carry cash but of course this time I had a lot of money in my wallet along with about $150 in total worth of gift cards and all my credit cards and ID and mine and Forrest's health cards, oh and it was my Coach wallet my sister gave me for Christmas that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I was convinced it was long gone. I went back to the gas station and of course it wasn't there, I called hubbs to meet me and while one of us stayed in the car with Forrest, the other walked the highway. No sign of it! I was sooo upset and majorly beat myself up over it the whole way home all the while thinking "Why the hell did I flip that guy off???" Anyway...I got home and big blue truck guy had called and left me a voicemail saying he had my wallet and wanted to return it. Seriously buddy?! I gave you the finger and yet you are still this nice to me?! I hereby vow to never give anyone the finger again! haha! No matter how many people lay on the horn at me I will forever smile and wave nicely lol! I have my wallet back and everything is in it and I picked up a little something as a "Thank you" to big blue truck guy and I of course apologized a million and one times!
Moral of this story folks - you just never know why you are being beeped at and perhaps you should check the fingers at the door ;)

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