Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh yes it's ladies night - Oh what a night (ohhhh what a niiighhht)

This past weekend I left my little blue eyed boy at home with his daddy OVERNIGHT for the first time ever!!! We had planned Erin's bachelorette party for August 13th and so I bit the bullet and left my boy overnight. I had been pumping for a month to prepare for this over night adventure and I wanted to make sure John had more than enough milk for him while I was gone. While I had the most fun ever, I really missed Forrest!!! It was tougher than I had thought but the girls and I all agreed to leave the baby talk at home - well as much as possible anyway. We were ready to enjoy Erin's last night out as an unmarried gal!!! This was mine, Erin's and Shauna's first night out on the town since we had our baby boys!! * Funny, Forrest was born in December, Shauna had Zion in January and Erin had Fisher in February (oh and all 3 boys will be in the wedding as well - how freaking adorable is that going to be?! They will be pulled down the aisle in a little wagon - it's going to just oooze cuteness for sure)*.
 I left Saturday morning and headed to Halifax. I checked into the Delta Halifax around 3pm and Erika met me there. Erika and I spent the afternoon and evening running last minute errands, setting everything up, decorating, etc. We started the night off with an absolutely hilarious story so I knew it was bound to be a good night. Erika and I were decorating, pinning streamers and balloons. Erika put some balloons up on the ceiling in the middle of the streamers and I guess it must have set off some kind of silent smoke detector alarm. Imagine my surprise when I get out of the shower, toss on some clothes to fine Erika had went downt he hall for ice and I had a bunch of  fire fighters in FULL fire fighting garb knocking on our hotel room door. *ummmmm hello...is some kind of joke or did someone order strippers that arrived WAY too early?! lol So I answer the door a little hesitantly and when they ask to come in at first I nervously tell them "NO" haha and then ask "why, what for?". So they explain that they got an alarm call and need to check out the room. I'd be lying if I said that every criminal minds episode wasn't playing through my head at that moment. But I agreed and let them in and Erika happened to be close behind them. Sure enough, our balloons had set the alarm off. So they stayed and fixed it and we joked about it being a bachelorette party and how if they had arrived a mere 3 hours later they would have had to deal with a lot of very excited ladies - haha! They were all pretty young so it really would have been hilarious had they in fact arrived 3 hours later. Anyway, just at that moment Erin texted me that she was downstairs and on her way up and jokingly asked "if we set the room on fire or something". LOL Little did she know that they were in fact there for us! So I guess there was a slew of fire trucks outside the Delta Halifax, tonnes of people outside and in the lobby and the elevators were all shut down all due to little old us! Had I not been absolutely mortified by the whole situation at the time (sure its pretty funny now and a fantastic story to tell as to how we kicked the night off) we would have gotten a picture with the fire fighters! Anyway, after that episode - Erin, Shauna, Erika and I started to get ready for the night and then everyone else started to arrived. The hotel suite was fantastic and spacious and the food - delicious, the champagne -cold and and bubbly and the company - beyond wonderful!! So many great girls, sooooo many laughs and a lot of sore feet from dancing the night away at Taboo. We had originally planned to be at Taboo Night Club by 11:00ish but didn't get there until after midnight. Luckily the bar doesn't close til almost 3 and the bride was having soooo much fun we didn't end up leaving until the lights came on and even then we just danced our way to pizza corner. We didn't get back to the hotel suite until 5am and we were all sooooo tired! What a FUN FUN FUN night!! Haven't had that much fun in years!!! I know Erin enjoyed herself because she told us a million times - lol - which means the night was a success!
 When I got home I couldn't wait to snuggle my little boy!!! As much fun as I had I missed him soooooo much!! Won't be leaving him for the night again until he's 30 - lol!!!
crowning the bride

the food table (and shooters)

the cake Amanda made which was a huge hit

Me, Erika and Shauna

The beautiful bride to be

the bride and her posse ;)

pop open another bottle of bubbly

yummy champagne

cutting the cake

Me, Erin and Amanda

On our way out


They actually took her boa from her at the bar (said it was a fire hazzard)

some of our group at Taboo

Erin and our waiter while he pours us all champagne

she ended up with this tamborine somehow

we danced the night away

sleeping in her tiara and veil haha

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