Monday, September 26, 2011

Congratulations Erin & Davey!!!

This past weekend marked a very special that I have been looking forward to for years!! One of my best friends got married and I was beyond honored to have been part of that very special day! We travelled down to Halifax on Thursday morning. We got to Erin's that afternoon and then the girls all went for mani/pedis at Shades of Pink in Bedford where we chatted, laughed, sipped pink champagne and were pampered. Thursday evening John and I (and Forrest) stayed with Erin and Davey (and Fisher), John and I had brought a bottle of champagne to pop to officially start off the celebrations of wedding weekend!! Erin and I stayed up late doing some last minute wedding prep while all the boys went to bed. Friday was another exciting day. We did a lot of wedding stuff that day...we packed all the decorations, ran errands, tidied, etc. Friday night was the rehersal so off we went to the Waegwoltic club for a practice run of the main event for the following day and then Erin and Davey held a beautiful rehersal dinner at the club. Erin and I (and Forrest and Fisher) stayed the night at her house that night. We kicked the men out since it was the night before her wedding and the bride is not supposed to see the groom. We stayed up late chatting with the babysitters (Amanda and Christine - soooooooo nice of them to watch our boys that night during the rehersal). Saturday morning we woke up bright and early since it was....WEDDING DAY! The house was buzzing with excitement and fun!! Erika, Shauna, Erin's mom and Nan all arrived bright and early to get our hair and make up done. The girls who did our hair and make up were amazing! I loved them and they were soooo sooo sweet!! After being made up and beautiful (hehe) we got into our dresses and got Erin into hers. The bride was being driven to her wedding in a beautiful Rolls Royce! Before we landed at the Waegwoltic Club we went along the water in Bedford with the fantastic photographer Jeff Cooke to get some early pictures of the girls pre-wedding of course.
The bride look stunning!! Her dress was gorgeous and she looked absolutely beautiful!! The ceremony was beautiful as it was on the stone patio overlooking the water. The boys did great in their little wagon too which was a relief (there was some crying for a bit after they got down the aisle but then they were picked up and all was fine). Ezmee was adorable too of course! The ceremony and reception was absolutely beautiful! We all had so much fun! I literally danced the night away. I never got off the dance floor the entire night!! They (like Kelly and Sandy) also had the band Big Fish and again they were fantastic!! I was again, so nervous to give my speech and this time I didn't get through it without a few (minor) tears (what can I say I am a sap). What a perfect evening for a wonderful couple!!
When Erin asked me to be her maid of honor, I was so touched, honored and exciited!! I consider Erin to be one of my nearest and dearest friends and although we haven't been lifelong childhood friends, it sure feels as though we've known each other forever!! We were friends almost instantly and the bond only grew stronger with time and even distance! I am so lucky to have such a great friend in my life and I am so happy to have been able to share in such a special day!!!

"Nan" and Erika getting ready to be pampered

Shauna (Davey's sister) gets a pedi

Our bride is getting her mani done

a parraffin wave - haha

soon to be sisters-in-law (cheers)

Having some fun times pre-wedding

bridal party

Mother of the groom Patsy getting her manicure

Nan & Susie

groom and bride toasting the beginning of wedding weekend festivities

Fisher & Forrest chatting wedding talk I'm sure ;)

Cheers to the beginning of spectacular weekend

Forrest and Zion

the 3 boys hanging out

last minute wedding prep

the 2 most handsome boys ever

Ivy and Dad with our little man (the babysitters - thanks so much guys)

men in waiting - haha

here come the boys and Ezmee down the aisle

soooo cute

the bride and her dad

the ceremony (notice how Forrest is the only one still in the wagon-haha)

I just love how little Ezmee is checking in on Forrest - so cute

Our little family

the groom and Forrest

Shauna & Zion (8 months), Me and Forrest (9 month) and Erin and Fisher (7 months)

he was so not interested in anything but playing with the grass

dancing the night away

Erin, Twila and I

Nancy & Me

more dancing

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