Monday, November 7, 2011

Daylight Savings - You Suck!

So as we all know Saturday was the night to set the clocks back an hour. Normally I love this because it's an extra hour of my day. Some years I spent this hour sleeping, other years I made myself do something fun or productive. This year I went into it with nervous anticipation. Will my sleepless wonder of a child pull through and keep on the schedule we have him on or will he rebel and strike out against us and our silly daylight savings change?! I'll admit, we woke up Sunday at 8am (old time) which would be 7am (new time). I was VERY pleased and since the nightly wakings weren't affected either I foolishly thought "oh myyyy maybe he won't be bothered by this change at all, maybe we'll be the select few lucky parents that get by this change of internal clocks". This morning we were up at 5am and I managed to get another hour out of him until about 6am but I'll have you know this is wayyyy too early for me and since hubby leaves for work at 7am now that he is management I am faced with getting up at this absurd hour to face the day. Oh adorable little man is sooooo worth the early morning and I'm sure in 2 months time when I am back at work I'll be missing every extra second I had with him while on mat leave so I'll just look at the positive and enjoy it!!!

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