Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Such a fun and festive weekend

This past weekend was a super fun one for this little family!!! John got off work early on Friday and we spent the day hanging out and enjoying time together. We made home made pizza for supper and then watched some movies on TV when Forrest went to bed!! Saturday we were up and at em!! We dressed Forrest up in a cute Christmas shirt and off we were for the day. John and Forrest dropped me off at Rhoda's Craft Fair at Harbour Station while they went off to Christmas shop! I had a great afternoon poking around the craft fair and enjoying all the sights and sounds (and a few samples of yummies here and there) of the holidays. They picked me up and we went and did some more Christmas shopping and browsing and then went to Swiss Chalet for the festive special (I never really think about Swiss Chalet until this time of year and then those commericals get me every time). We ran into my friend Jackie, her hsuband and their year and a half year old Conall at Swiss Chalet and they ended up sitting at the table right next to us! Forrest did really well until the end when John had him on his lap and they were chatting with Jackie, Jason and Conall while I was packing up our stuff and then unbeknownst to John, Forrest turned around and swiped the plate and it went crashing to the ground before I could be quick enough to catch it!! YIKES - good thing we were already leaving -haha!! After dinner it was off to Forrest's very first Santa Claus parade! We met up with Tawnya, Kent and Ava and Forrest seemed to enjoy the lights and sounds but was not as excited as I had thought he would be!!!  But we did hand his letter to Santa's helpers so that was cute! I stupidly forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures. Tawnya had hers and took lots so I'll get some from her and try to post them later!!
Sunday I had an all day photography course so Daddy and Forrest had a guys day!!! I signed up for this one more photography course before I have to go back to work and will then want to fill all my weekends only with my little man!! It's a great class and I am already learning a lot!!! It's such a fun hobby and there is so much to learn and so many ways to grow!! I am having a lot of fun with it and of course its even more fun when you have such a perfect little subject ;)

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