Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snowy Storm Day

Today was a perfect cozy winter day! It was AWESOME! We woke up and kissed Daddy good bye as he went off to work. He was supposed to have a meeting tonight and wasn't due home until around 7:30 this evening. The snow started falling almost immediately after he left and Forrest and I had breakfast and watched the snow fall from the windows. It was so cute to watch Forrest run to the patio doors and look out in amazement! We went downstairs where he actually let me snuggle him under a blanket and we watched TV for about 20 minutes (hey that may sound short to you but when he is a VERY active little boy who would rather walk and stay busy than sit still and snuggle with mommmy, it's a big deal for me lol). We played and then he napped and at lunch time Daddy called to say he'd be coming home early and he was cancelling their meeting - WHOOOT!!!! When he got home we had some fun family time and I baked some cookies and we made tea!! Then we took Forrest outside to play in the snow for the first time and it was hilarious!! He was not overly impressed and his facial expressions were priceless and totally cracked us up!! We weren't out very long (mere minutes actually) and it literally took me longer to get him dressed and ready but we had a lot of fun and managed to snap a few pictures with my point and shoot - OH and we captured a video!!! YAY!!!
We came inside and got warm and had some more snuggles! After supper we got Forrest ready for bed and then John and I wrapped some Christmas presents!! A seriously perfect day!! Love it!!

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