Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tonight I was one of "those" neighbours

We live on a sleepy little street. We know all of our surrounding neighbours with the exception of the house across the street. John and I refer to this house as "the odd couple" or "the strange couple" or sometimes "the weird couple" (You get the picture I'm sure). They are around our age but they keep to themselves, never pick up their fliers from the bottom of the driveway, NEVER have a light on in their house (like ever), mow the lawn wearing gloves, and other reasons! Anyway, a month or so ago I was outside playing with Forrest and caught a glimpse or the rarely seen woman of "the odd couple" - I thought she might be pregnant but didn't want to stare so I couldn't say for sure!! Then hubby comes home from work YESTERDAY and says "Yep, she's definitely pregnant. Like really pregnant. I ran into her at the mail box annnndd she actually said hi to me!!!".
Fast forward to this evening - Forrest is toddling around the house when he falls and gets a little sooky so I scoop him up and am soothing him and cuddling him and bopping around the house when the house across the street catches my eye through my window. I look out to see the strange girl and her mom rushing to the car -she wearing her jammies and holding her crotch (sorry if thats TMI) and yes folks she's certainly pregnant! The mom is rushing ahead trying to open the door to the older car they have (at this point I hypothesize that her water broke and they don't want to mess up the brand new Toyota Venza they bought a few weeks ago. The husband comes running (yes running) out and opens the trunk of the venza grabs suitcases and RUNS to the older car!! He is running back and forth between the cars like a crazy person and I can't help but laugh (while trying to be nosey in the most hidden way possible). They get in and he pulls out reaching for his seatbelt as he burns down the road! So I then definitely think she is not only pregnant but also very much in labour! And I get all reminiscent again as I think about my own labour and the day we left for the hospital - *sigh***

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