Sunday, December 11, 2011

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Since I faltered yesterday and din't get a blog post done I will do 2 today!!! We had a great weekend! Friday night John and I watched Christmas shows all night and then woke up Saturday to go get our Christmas tree. We went to a U-Cut and picked 2 trees - 1 regular sized 7 foot tree for our Christmas tree and then a small little 4 foot tree for Forrest's birthday tree!! The U-Cut is super cute and after we cut our trees we went back to the barn to pay and have hot chocolate and cookies.
We will have 2 trees in our living room this year! Since this past summer I've been collecting ornaments for his Birthday tree! I've got same cute things and we'll deck it out in all blue lights! I'm so excited!
Saturday night John was invited to sit in the sky box at a hockey game with the executives of his company. So he went to that and I stayed home with Forrest until the game was over and he arrived home...then I took off to my little Christmas party with the girls. We had a secret santa gift exchange and got all dressed up and had a lot of fun and cocktails haha!!
We decorated our Christmas tree tonight but had to hold off on the birthday tree until tomorrow because I realized I didn't have a second tree stand! We had yummy Chinese take out and decorated our tree. We did a little before Forrest went to bed but then finished it after he went to sleep. When Forrest saw the tree he got really excited! It was so cute!! He just loves it and so far he is doing good to stay out of it although I know this won't be for long.
It was a super fun weekend!

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