Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cuter Than Cute

Forrest is just the cutest! He has so much personality and is absolutely hilarious to watch. He cracks us up all the time! The other day I bought him new Nike sneakers and was so excited to try them on his little feet and watch him walk around in them. Since they were very different from the usual Robeez he wears he wasn't too sure what to make of them at first and was taking these big giant marching like steps - John and I laughed so hard we were both on the floor in stitches! He also loves to give kisses. If the three of us are playing on the floor together or hanging out on the couch, as soon as John gives me a kiss Forrest has to get in on the kisses and gives us both big slobbery wet ones! It melts my heart every single time!!! And let's not forget how absolutely adorable it is that when his daddy gets home from work he squeals with delight and stands at the baby gate squealing, smiling and giggling until John takes off his shoes and coat and picks him up (also melts my heart every time). I could seriously go on and on about all of the insanely cute things my son does, but I'll save you from that...for now!

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