Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Big Fat Flop =(

I don't like to toot my own horn but if I do say so myself I kinda sorta rock in the kitchen! haha just kidding - sorta! I love to cook and bake and 9 times out of 10 it turns out pretty tasty! There have been instances though when what I make turns out to be a big flop and well tonight was one of those instances! Last week I had a yummy day out with Tawnya and Bobbi - we had lunch at Relish and then went to the new Piece of Cake Cupcakery for desert to which Tawnya and I prompty devoured the most scrumptious cup cake I have ever had - a gingerbread cupcake with cream cheese icing!! It was to die for!!! Since I am hosting 'Stitch & Bitch' tomorrow night I thought I'd try my hand at some gingerbread cupcakes with cream cheese icing! So I turned to my trusty friend - GOOGLE!!! Martha Stewart had what looked to be a lovely recipe for these yummy treats! I followed the recipe and was already planning to make another batch for Christmas and maybe another one for Forrest's first birthday party in January! I lined my muffin tin with cute, festive cupcake papers, mixed, beat, and poured my way to what I was expecting to be total yumminess! They smelled delicious and I was getting excited! But then when it was time to take them out of the oven they had rose so high they were oozing over the sides and burning the bottom of my oven (oh great-a fantastic mess for me later) and the middles of ever cupcake were all sunk in - WTF how is that even possible?!?! So I left them in for a few more minutes thinking that maybe they just needed a little more time - nope not the case!! These suckers just plain sucked! I was sooooo disappointed!! So now it looks like I'll be defrosting some of the Christmas stuff I baked earlier in the week for tomorrow night's stitch and bitch!

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