Thursday, December 8, 2011

Feeling Uninspired Tonight...

I really have no idea what to blog about tonight so I apologize ahead of time for the rambling I'm about to do! I am exhuasted and it is now 10:19 as I sit in my bed typing away with hubby glaring at me (apparently I'm a loud typer-haha). I hosted stitch and bitch tonight and since we didn't get to have those yummy gingerbread cupcakes with the creamcheese frosting I was so desperately craving, I half assed some Duncan Hines cake mix into some muffin tins, tossed some chocolate chips in to make them extra gourmet and decorated with icing from a tub - yep we're that fancy around here! Hey I had a baby that refused to take his afternoon nap and my sanity was just about lost so I'd call those 'gourmet' muffins a success ;) Oh and the best part - I also crushed a candy cane and sprinkled it on top so they looked pretty if nothing else!
As always stitch and bitch was a success, lots of laughs, a little knitting done and plenty of bitching was accomplished!

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