Friday, December 2, 2011


Here we are Friday night again and I haven`t even posted about our last weekend!! Last weekend was another fun and festive one! Friday night we took Forrest to the Quispamsis Arts and Culture Park for the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony! It was our first time as well and it was really nice! When we arrived the whole park was total darkness and security had it blocked off. Then the mayor gave a little speech and announced they were giving away free Christmas lights to Quispamsis residents and then they lit it up. The whole park lit up and it really and truly was out of this world. The tree was huge and the park had sooooo many lights and decorations it looked amazing! We forgot our camera (a bad mommy moment on my part) but we are planning to go back one evening over the holidays and snap some pictures which I think will be better anyway considering there were so many people there last Friday night!Santa was there, they had hot chocolate and gingerbread men for everyone and it was really nice! The best part of the whole night for John and I was the look on Forrest's face when they lit the park and tree up! His eyes were so wide as he looked on in utter amazement! It was priceless!
Saturday we woke up and took Forrest to get his picture taken with Santa! He did fine, no tears or panic at all - in fact he seemed to enjoy it! But then after the picture was taken he just wanted to get down and walk all around the set and down the halls of the mall!
Sunday I had my last full day class! I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot!!!
Now here we are another weekend and I`m so happy to be spending it with my 2 favorite boys!! Man am I a lucky woman ;)

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